Tummy liposuction cost in Pakistan

Having a lean figure is a dream for both men and women. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to maintain a slim body, and there are many factors at play that can contribute to an individual developing a sagging abdomen. Although it is not that challenging to lose weight, the abdomen is one of the most challenging places to lose fat from. This fat is stubborn and takes a lot of effort to shed. If conventional methods of losing weight are not working out for you, you can always try alternative methods.

There are several alternatives to losing weight, and liposuction in Islamabad is one of them. You can get this treatment for almost every type of fat in your body. But how much does Tummy Liposuction Cost in Pakistan?

What is This Treatment?

It is a cosmetic procedure that, as the name suggests, sucks the fat out of the person’s body. This treatment is mainly performed on the stomach region, the hips, the arms and legs, and the face. The fat tissue is sucked out of these regions using a large suction needle that is inserted into the area that is being operated.



The traditional method involves making incisions on the area that is being operated, followed by a large suction needle inserted into those incisions. This insertion motion is done very rapidly and is repeated several times to help the fatty layer break down. This fatty layer is then sucked out of the body using the suction needle.


This method involves using sound waves that have a very high frequency on the treated area. These soundwaves melt away the fat that is present underneath the skin, making it easier to suck it out. This is one of the easier methods when it comes to liposuction, and it’s quicker too.


This method is the most effective and involves inserting a solution into the tummy tuck region using a large needle. This solution reacts with the fatty layer and slowly dissolves the fatty tissues, breaking them down and making it easier for the operator to suck out the fat. After the fat is broken down, it is sucked out with the suction needle.

Does It Hurt?

This method of losing stubborn belly fat is easy and quick, but keep in mind that it is also a painful method. This is why doctors only perform it using anesthesia, which means that you will be unconscious during the procedure.

Depending on how much fat is removed, the recovery time period of this procedure can go from three weeks to three months. If the patient is morbidly obese, then the doctor might have to make more than four incisions on the tummy to suck out as much fat as possible.

Should I Get This Treatment Done?

This procedure can promote a lot of negativities among people who might see it as an alternative to losing weight. It can also promote anorexia in people. This is why doctors have set a list of candidates who are eligible for this surgery. Following is the list of people who can easily get this surgical procedure done.

  • Individuals who are obese and cannot work correctly due to their abdomen fat restricting movement.
  • Individuals who are at risk of losing their lives due to excessive fat in the abdomen area.
  • Men and women who have a BMI of 35 or more

Tummy Liposuction Cost in Pakistan:

This procedure has become widespread in the country, with more and more people opting for it. The price for this procedure depends on the following factors.

  • The clinic’s location plays a significant role in determining how much this procedure would cost.
  • The time spent also determines how much this treatment would cost you. If your tummy fat is not that much and only requiring three hours, then it would cost you less compared to a morbidly obese person who might even need a tummy lift.
  • The procedure method also plays a part in establishing the final payment bill.

Keeping these things in mind, it can easily be assumed that this procedure would cost you around 100,000 PKR to 3,00,000 PKR. It is also best to know that unless your life is in danger, your insurance will not cover this procedure.

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