Understanding the Various Types of Chemical Peel in Islamabad

Healthy skin with a radiant complexion is no longer a pipe dream. If you need to get a quick glow on your face and are short on time, chemical peels in Islamabad are a good option. Chemical peels are a type of cosmetic treatment that involves applying a chemical solution to the skin to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, revealing smoother, brighter, and more youthful-looking skin. There are several different types of chemical peels, each with its own specific benefits and uses. It’s important to consult with a licensed medical professional to determine the best type of chemical peel for your individual needs and understand the potential benefits and risks of the treatment. Read on to have Understanding the Various Types of Chemical Peel in Islamabad.

Ideal Candidates For Chemical Peels in Islamabad:

  • UV rays are a very harmful types of rays for the skin. They affect you when you spend a lot of time outside. The skin becomes very dark and pigmented as a result of free radicals created by UV rays.
  • After pregnancy and childbirth, some women have experienced significant double toning of the skin.
  • Candidates with skin prone to pimples or numerous, difficult-to-erase acne scars
  • Candidates with extremely sensitive skin who frequently experience reactions to facial creams and serums

What Are The Types of Chemical Peels?

Depending on the depth of the skin, different chemical peels are available. The detail is as under:

Superficial Peels:

Your dermatologist apply this type of chemical peel to the superficial layer of skin. She will not apply it to the deeper layers. This type of chemical peel removes the superficial layer of skin and provides a smoother, brighter complexion. Commonly referred to as the “lunchtime peel,” it is the most gentle type of chemical peel. A superficial chemical peel is ideal for those with mild skin discoloration and sun damage.

Medium Peels:

The medium chemical peel is applied halfway between the skin layers. The dermatologist will neither apply it very deeply nor very superficially. This type of chemical peel stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and helps to even out skin tone. It is the most popular chemical peel and, unlike deep peels, does not require a lengthy recovery time. Medium chemical peels are suitable for those with mild to moderate wrinkles, age spots, sun damage and acne scars.

Deep Peels:

The deep chemical peel, as its name suggests, makes sure that the agent reaches the innermost layers of the skin. It also removes all debris. Unlike the medium chemical peel, which only affects the superficial layers of skin, a deep chemical peel is effective in treating wrinkles, sun spots and other skin discoloration. Mostly used for wrinkle reduction treatment, sun spots, acne scars and other skin discoloration, as well as to improve skin texture. A chemical peel is much more intense than the medium one and it goes much deeper into the skin.

What Are the Recommendations for Aftercare After a Chemical Peel?

  • On your face, avoid using any harsh cleansers.
  • If you notice any allergies or a strange reaction, let us know.
  • When going outside in the sun, wear sunscreen, especially right after a chemical peel.
  • Use only the soothing creams that a dermatologist has recommended.
  • Before going to bed, moisturize your skin with a mild moisturizer.

What Are the Advantages of Chemical peels?

Following are some of the advantages of chemical peels:

  • It makes skin glossy, radiant, and healthy
  • Dazzling white and skin tone up
  • Skin that is clear and clarified. It makes it flawless.
  • This will treat your acne scars and dark spots.
  • Moreover, it will help you achieve an even skin tone.
  • On the pigmented and dark areas of the face, it works amazingly well.
  • Restore the skin’s former colour.
  • keeps the face’s pigmentation from getting darker
  • Leave your skin feeling touchably soft, smooth, and supple.

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