What Are Skin Tags and Why Do They

Small, soft, benign growths called skin tags can be seen on the skin. They typically range in colour from flesh to a little darker, and their size ranges from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. On parts of the body where skin rubs against skin, like the neck, armpits, groin, and eyelids, skin tags are frequently discovered. Read on to learn more about what skin tags are and how to remove skin tags in Islamabad.

Causes of Skin Tags

Although the precise cause of skin tags is unknown, it is thought that a combination of genetic and environmental factors is responsible. Skin tags can be caused by a variety of things.

  • Skin tags often appear where skin rubs against skin, such as the neck or underarms.
  • Skin tags may develop during pregnancy or in people with hormonal imbalances.
  • Skin tags are more common in middle-aged and older adults.
  • People who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop skin tags.
  • Skin tags may run in families.

Treatment for Skin Tags:

Skin tags are tiny, benign growths that can develop on the face, neck, armpits, and groin, among other body areas. Even though they are safe, many people decide to have them removed for aesthetic reasons. Let’s dwell deeper into how to remove skin tags in Islamabad perfectly.

Consult a dermatologist:

It’s crucial to speak with a dermatologist before removing skin tags. They can vouch that the growth is a skin tag and not a more serious ailment. In addition, based on the skin tag’s location, size, and other aspects, they can suggest the most effective removal technique.

Over-the-counter treatments:

For the removal of skin tags, several over-the-counter remedies are available. These consist of creams, ointments, and solutions containing tea tree oil or salicylic acid. Over several weeks, these procedures gradually dissolve the skin tag. Avoid applying these treatments to delicate body parts and pay close attention to the directions.


Cryotherapy involves freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen. This causes the skin tag to die and fall off within a few days. Cryotherapy is a quick and relatively painless procedure that can be done in a dermatologist’s office.


In electrosurgery, the skin tag is burned off using an electric current. Although quick and efficient, this approach might leave a scar. It’s crucial to have a trained expert perform this procedure.


Ligation involves tying off the base of the skin tag with a string or thread. This cuts off the blood supply to the skin tag, causing it to die and fall off within a few days. This method is effective but may be uncomfortable.


Excision involves cutting off the skin tag with a scalpel or scissors. This method is quick and effective but may leave a scar. It is important to have this procedure done by a trained professional.

Finally, there are several ways to get rid of skin tags cosmetically. Before attempting to remove a skin tag, it’s crucial to speak with a dermatologist, and then adhere to their advice on the best removal technique. After removing the skin tag, it is crucial to care for the area to prevent infection and scarring properly.

SKN Cosmetics Islamabad and Skin Tag Removal:

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