What is Recovery Time for Hair Transplant Islamabad

Having hair is a great blessing, as it enhances the personality by making you more attractive and beautiful. And when your hair starts falling out, then you might feel like you are losing a part of your body.

Trying Traditional Hair Loss Treatments isn’t a Good Idea:

These days everybody is suffering from hair loss including both genders, men and women. Most people think to treat their hair loss by using hair regrowth tonics, medications, injections, home remedies and hair regrowth steroids. But as a matter of fact,these doesn’t provide long term results as these are the temporary solution of treating hair loss.

If you are suffering from hair loss, hair thinning and baldness and want a permanent solution then you can consider hair transplant in Islamabad.

Who are the Right Candidates for Hair Transplant?

If you want to undergo hair transplant in Islamabad, then it’s important for you to first make sure whether you are a good candidate or not:

  • If you want to undergo a minimal invasive or painless hair transplant procedure.
  • If your hairline has receded or moved back.
  • If you are suffering from hair loss, hair thinning or baldness.

What are the Benefits of Hair Transplant?

During this hair loss procedure, the surgeon will either use FUT or FUE hair transplant techniques. It’s an inexpensive and reasonable hair loss treatment as compared to others.

Not even a single person will be able to distinguish between your natural and transplanted hair.

What is Recovery time for Hair Transplant?

After undergoing the hair transplant in Islamabad, your transplanted hair follicles will grow by following these phases:

1 – 7 Days after Surgery:

  1. There will mild swelling in your forehead.
  2. Minor blood clots at your incision zones will be developed, but will flake off in 5 to 7 days.
  3. Any soreness after undergoing the hair transplant procedure, will be gone by day 7.
  4. Your treated area or recipient zones will be slightly pinkish, for the next few weeks.

10 – 14 days After Surgery:

  1. After 3 weeks of undergoing the hair transplant surgery, you will experience hair loss of your transplanted hair.
  2. It’s completely normal,because it’s a temporary phase.

1 -2 Months after Surgery:

  1. Your new or transplanted hair won’t grow equally in first few months, but with the passage of time it will all grow equally like your natural hair.
  2. Your transplanted or new hair will be thin, but will thicken with the passage of time.
  3. You will observe an acne-like condition on your recipient region.
  4. It’s completely normal too, because your new hairs are trying to grow through your scalp.

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5 – 6 Months after Surgery:

In the 5th to 6th month after undergoing the hair transplant procedure,you will observe noticeable or prominent growth of your new hair.

8 – 10 Months after Surgery:

  1. Then in 8/10 months, you will see the most prominent difference.
  2. Your transplanted/ new hair will be longer and thicker than before and will give you the beautiful look

1 Year after Surgery:

  1. After a full 1 year of undergoing the hair transplant surgery, you will see the final results.
  2. Now your transplanted hair will continue re-growing, for the rest of your life like your natural hair.
  3. You will be able to trim, style and dye your transplanted hair in any manner like your natural hair.
  4. You won’t need any special care or maintenance.


If you want to treat your hair loss, baldness or hair thinning with natural, prominent and long lasting results, then feel free to consult the Royal Cosmetic Surgery to consider hair transplant in Islamabad.