What Is The Best place to Get Hair Transplant in Islamabad

If you are curious about your hair matters then you should need to take care of your hair. Many people experience hair loss and do not cure the problem on time. Experts always recommend hair restoration treatments after examining the extreme hair loss problem. After that, the most important and hard decision to take for your hair matters is always that  What Is The Best place to Get Hair Transplant in Islamabad? You will always prefer the most popular and well-known centre. 

This blog post will cover all the information for selecting the best clinic for hair transplant. So, read more for knowing all the factors and information about this matter. 

The Best Place to Get a Hair Transplant:

The clinic of excellence and located in the most beautiful city of Pakistan is the SKN Cosmetics clinic in Islamabad. It is a clinic of trust and hope which is known as the best clinic for hair treatments. We strictly follow the neat and clean services and highly concentrate on a hygienic environment. The patient enjoys the view of the beautiful city during their treatments. For hair transplant we performed two advanced techniques: 

  • FUE Hair Transplant Method: A process of extracting hair follicle units from the donor site and insert them into the recipient site accurately.  
  • FUT Hair Transplant Method: A process known as a strip method which is extracted from the backside of the scalp and insert on the treated area.  

We have performed thousands of hair treatments successfully and we offer the transplanting of eyebrows, eyelashes and beard as well. Moreover, we can perform other treatments like skin, fat reduction, facial procedures, Botox and fillers and many other treatments. We always work on quality and good performances. 

Our Surgeons and Team:

We have the most expert and skilful surgeons who are qualified in high-class degrees of dermatology as well as have experience of successful past hair transplant surgeries. They have a good ability to listen and understanding your problem and recommend an effective treatment for hair loss. During the procedure, the surgeon has a skilful team with him as well who are monitoring everything. 

The surgeons of SKN cosmetics are expert in hair transplantation treatments and can perform both advanced methods FUE and FUT accurately. As well, they are proficient in every type of hair restoration procedures like PRP injections therapy and robotic hair restoration process. 

The Effective Results We Deliver:

According to our clinic, we deliver promising results for the long term to our undergoing hair transplant candidates. In this procedure, it takes 7 to 10 months for obtaining complete and desired outcomes. The results depend on person to person and their health conditions, some of them achieve desire results in few months and others get the results later. If someone wants more volume then we recommend having multiple sessions. After seeing our before and after surgery photographs, you will know about   What Is The Best place to Get a Hair Transplant in Islamabad?. 

The Benefits of Choosing SKN Clinic:

The main advantages of selecting our clinic for your hair transplant procedure are mentioned below: 

  • We will deliver miraculous and permanent outcomes. 
  • With full concentration, we perform all hair treatments. 
  • We skillfully handle complicated cases. 
  • Provide a neat and clean environment. 
  • Friendly staff and experienced surgeons. 
  • We provide suitable aftercare for optimal results. 
  • There will be no major side effect. 

Our Post-Care Plans:

After the hair transplant treatment, the surgeon will prescribe you few instructions related to your hair care and health-wise for achieving optimal results. Some of the common instructions are mentioned below which you should follow accordingly: 

  • Avoid consuming blood thinners, it may slow down the recovery process. 
  • The accurate position of sleeping after treatment will be straight. 
  • Do not touch, rub or scratch the treated area for few days. 
  • If you feel any irritation or discomfort then use cold icepacks. 
  • Use prescribed medication for painkilling and for preventing infection. 
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

About The Price Of a Hair Transplant:

The SKN clinic offers reasonable cost rates in hair transplant treatments. It is a cosmetic procedure that most insurance companies doesn’t cover and you have to pay it from your own pocket. Few factors can affect the cost of the treatment which includes; surgeon’s fee, location and reputation of the clinic and the method of the hair transplant. These details are always discussed in the initial session before the treatment. 

Further, if someone wants to know more about cost-related details then feel free to contact our team, they will guide you with the best information.