What is the Best Yet most Effective Option for Skin Tag Removal

What are skin tags?

Small, reddish-brown skin growths are referred to as skin tags or acrochordons in medicine. Dr. Maryam Malik claims that although people frequently mistake them for warts, they are typically benign and harmless. Skin tags generally have a short stalk and are painless, infectious, and non-inflammatory. Examples of areas where skin rubs against skin include the eyelids, throat, armpits, under the breasts, and groyne folds. If they bother you then you can remove them. There are various methods to remove these tags. Here is a list of some most effective methods that we use at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad. Read on to learn about What is the Best Yet most Effective Option for Skin Tag Removal?

Ideal Candidates For Skin Tag Removal:

Regardless of age, gender, or skin tone, anyone can develop skin tags. However, people who are overweight or obese, those who have a family history of skin tags, and women who are pregnant or have recently given birth are more likely to develop skin tags. People who have skin tags and want to have them removed are typically good candidates for the procedure.

Skin Tag Removal:

“Skin tags” are typical benign skin growths that protrude thinly from the skin’s surface. They contain a variety of materials, such as fat and collagen fibres, sporadically nerve cells and microscopic blood vessels. Within a layer of skin, these blood vessels and collagen fibres may encircle one another. Soft fibromas and fibroepithelial polyps are some other names for skin tags. While the medical term for them is acrochordon.

Skin tags are frequently present in skin folds and areas of the body where there is friction.  Such as the neck, underarms, under breasts, eyelids, and other areas of the body. Small, frequently flesh-coloured pimples are how they first manifest. They may increase in size and cause irritation from friction or pressure, or they may stay the same size and largely go unnoticed. Skin tags have no known prevention methods, and it is unclear what causes them. They are more likely to develop in people with diabetes or who are overweight.

Treatment Options For Skin Tags:

Skin tag removal is frequently done for cosmetic reasons. Over-the-counter creams, surgery, and home remedies are common options, which are always effective, and are the most popular forms of treatment. But you should keep in mind that always consult a specialist before tag removal. SKN Cosmetics Islamabad uses the following techniques to remove tags:

1.   Radiofrequency:

This technique has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration, which has deemed it safe to use in a number of circumstances. Radiofrequency removal of skin tags is the least traumatic method. In this method, the skin tag removal happens and the bleeding stops by heating the injured area with radio frequency or waves.

2.   Cryosurgery:

The surgeon mists a very chilly liquid made of nitrogen or argon gas over the skin tags during this common procedure. The tag will become frozen as a result and released through the skin. It is a targeted treatment that only affects specific body parts.

3. Electrosurgery:

Numerous skin lesions are treated with simple techniques like electro-surgery, especially minor superficial lesions (skin tags and small angoras). In order to heat up the skin tag and remove it, a small amount of electric current is passed through the skin tag.

4.   Surgical excision:

In this simple procedure, the surgeon will simply use scissors to cut the tag free from the base. This procedure needs the use of local anaesthesia. You must not undergo this procedure if you have diabetes or who take blood thinners. So, only choose this course of treatment after consulting with a specialist.

5.   Ligation:

By encircling the base of the tag with a surgical thread, the surgeon completely cuts off the tag’s blood supply. Within a few days, the tag dries out and comes off.

6. Laser Surgery for Skin Tag Removal:

In order to remove the tags during this process, we use lasers to burn them. A minor laser surgery wound usually heals without any problems. Simply abide by the doctor’s instructions.

Book Your Consultation for Skin Tag Removal:

Skin tag removal is a straightforward procedure that typically requires no recovery time. After removal, the skin only needs to be kept dry and clean. If the doctor has stitched the incision, follow his or her instructions and keep it dry. In the areas where they are removed, skin tag removal procedures do not leave any lasting scars, and full recovery takes about 2-3 weeks. But over time, more might start to show up elsewhere, particularly if there is a hereditary history. Although it is a minor procedure, yet you need the services of an expert and the best dermatologist in Islamabad to perform this procedure. Call SKN Cosmetics Islamabad right away if you want to remove tags. Our trained staff will help you.