A penile implant in Islamabad is a reliable and effective solution for erectile dysfunction. Many people face this but they cannot speak about it and do not get it treated because of societal dogmas or pressures. Treating this issue will rejuvenate your life by improving your marital life and relationship with your partner. Usually, it stems from cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, and poor lifestyle habits. Penile implants address this issue effectively and renew the spirit of life

Let’s Make a Sense of Penile Implants in Islamabad:

Penile implants aka penile prosthesis. When a person cannot maintain the erection required for sexual activity and finds himself in a state where he is unable to perform sexual activities. In this case, penile implants which are surgical devices implanted into the penis to address erectile dysfunction are performed. This is deemed the most advanced and curated procedure to deal with impotence and is suggested when other options such as medications or therapies do not work. This treatment enables a person to restore normal sexual functionality and an erection when required.

Benefits of Penile Implants:

  • It allows people dealing with ED to maintain the erection for intimation
  • It improves the ability of people to engage in satisfying and enjoyable sexual relationships
  • This procedure enables you to get erection whenever you need it. It means you do not need to plan intercourse timing
  • You can feel a natural erection through this treatment method
  • People who cannot get benefit from other procedures can adhere to this procedure for optimal results
  • Furthermore, you will feel emotional well-being as it will eliminate the element of tension and stress

Types of Penile Implants in Islamabad:

Inflatable Implants

Two inflatable cylinders are implanted inside the penis of an individual together with a pump and reservoir. At the time of intimation, the individual moves fluid from the reservoir to cylinders by squeezing the pump, making the penis rigid. This allows him to complete the activity and after that, he can deflate the cylinder by transferring the fluids back to the reservoir.

Malleable Implants

These are semi-rigid rods implanted into the penis. At the time of intimation or sexual activity, the individual can get the required erection by bending the rods manually in an upward direction and can bend the rods downward after sexual activity.

Semi-Rigid Implants

This procedure is similar to malleable implants and the only difference it has is a joint mechanism on the middle of the implanted rods. You can enjoy a natural feel and appearance as the penis can have a slight movement if ED is treated with semi-rigid implants.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Penile Implants in Islamabad:

The expertise of the Surgeon

The experience of the surgeon will definitely influence the cost of the treatment. An experienced and adept surgeon will charge more because of his skillset and specialized knowledge. Furthermore, his high demand will also allow him to charge more than a normal or novice surgeon

Type of Penile Implant in Islamabad

There are three types of PI available. Each one of them has different procedures, criteria and functional capacity. Given that, the cost will also differ. Generally, inflatable implants are more expensive than other procedures because of their functionalities

Available Facilities

The reputation and available facilities in a hospital also determine the overall cost of the procedure. Hospitals having advanced instruments and facilities are likely to charge more than normal hospitals

The Location of the Hospital

The location of the clinic or hospital is also considered while determining the cost of this medical procedure. If a clinic is located at a prime location where the cost of living is high then you will have to pay more for penile implants.

The Cost of Penile Implants in Islamabad:

As we have discussed a few price-determining factors, the cost of this treatment in Islamabad varies. Discussing the price with the surgeon is necessary as it may differ from patient to patient. Also, these factors will decide the actual cost of the treatment. So, feel free to visit our clinic and discuss your concerns.

The Last Say!

Penile Implants in Islamabad offer you a new life and energetic life in terms of sexual relationships. A person facing erectile dysfunctioning has to face numerous issues including emotional and psychological impacts as he remains in a constant state of depression and stress. Erectile implants are the best and most effective treatment that restores the charm of your marital life.

SKN Cosmetic Islamabad has acquired the required mechanism to perform erectile implants. Now, you can get the most suitable treatment based on your personal requirements. So, Book your appointment and let yourself enjoy a healthy and successful marital relationship.