What is the success rate of PRP for men in Islamabad

Most people are anxious about receding hairlines or excessive hair loss. It has become a common issue and people around the globe succumb to baldness. Restoring lost hair has become a primary objective of every person who is dealing with this issue. PRP treatment in Islamabad is performed to get a fuller hair head back. This blog will inform you about the success rate of PRP treatment for men in Islamabad.

PRP Treatment: A Brief Introduction

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a medical treatment that is carried out to foster cellular activity and promote tissue regeneration. PRP has become a popular procedure because it can be used to address a number of aesthetic issues. Primarily, this treatment is performed to improve the appearance of the scalp by restoring lost hair. During PRP, the patient’s own blood is extracted from the body and then injected back into the specific area after processing it to get platelet-rich plasma.


At SKN Cosmetics Islamabad, a specialist holds a consultation session to learn about the specific concerns of a patient.  As this treatment can be performed in several cases, such as hair restoration and skin rejuvenation, this session also helps him to offer satisfactory and personalized results. 

The patient’s blood is extracted normally from a vein in the arm. This blood is then centrifuged to separate platelet-rich plasma that contains growth factors.  Afterward, anesthesia is applied to the specific area to be treated, and then obtained PRP is injected into the body. In the case of hair restoration, PRP is injected into the bald patches of the scalp.

What Is The Success Rate Of PRP For Men In Islamabad?

The success rate of this treatment depends on a few factors. These factors include genetic factors, an individual’s lifestyle, dietary habits, the number of sessions, aftercare treatment, etc. Most people ask about the success rate of this treatment. So, firstly, the success rate varies from person to person because it depends on various factors. Furthermore, this procedure is time-consuming as it reinvigorates the body’s natural process.

Most people, like 70-90%, are satisfied with this treatment. The treatment stimulates cellular activity in a specific body area, leading to desired results. The results might take some time to appear, but most people who get this procedure are satisfied with its offerings. It means men dealing with hair loss, baldness and other skin-related issues can consider PRP Treatment in Islamabad.

How To Get Satisfactory Results Through PRP Treatment?

Though many people get their desired results but, there are a few individuals who cannot meet their desired ends. Here are a few tips that can help you get better results and materialize your objectives.

  • Get a proper consultation from a professional and get your skin evaluated by a professional. He can recommend the most suitable treatment based on your specific requirements. 
  • Only choose a skilled and experienced professional to get an aesthetic treatment to limit the risks of issues and get optimal results
  • Sometimes, several sessions are required to achieve specific results; don’t hesitate to do that
  • Follow the given instructions of your practitioner to support the healing process 
  • Take proper care of your health and maintain a proper diet
  • Keep visiting your practitioner after the treatment for good evaluation

Summing Up:

PRP treatment in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure that involves the use of a patient’s blood to improve the skin’s conditions and deal with receding hairlines and baldness. Platelet-rich plasma is separated from the blood and then injected back into the body to achieve specific results. The success rate is quite high, and most people are satisfied with this aesthetic procedure. Normally, 70 to 90% of people see their desired results in Islamabad after getting this treatment. The results depend on a few factors, and the extent of this treatment’s effects varies from person to person.

Schedule your appointment at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad to restore lost hair and improve the appearance of the skin. This procedure can deal with a number of skin-related issues, such as baldness or hair loss. Visit our clinic, get your specific concerns evaluated by a professional and get satisfactory treatment. 


Does PRP in Islamabad work for men?

Yes, this treatment works for men. Individuals who are dealing with hair loss can get this non-surgical treatment to stop hair loss and stimulate cellular activities.

Is PRP treatment 100% effective?

The results of this treatment depend on various factors. People who choose an experienced practitioner and follow the instructions of their surgeon normally achieve better results

Can PRP restore hairlines?

This non-surgical hair loss treatment can address the issue of receding hairlines. This procedure stimulates weakened hair follicles and improves their growth patterns.