What Makes a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant?

Celebrities as Trend Setters:

Many celebrities are known to have had the hair transplant procedure. A hair transplant is the most effective hair loss treatment and provides permanent results. The results of new hair are so realistic that nobody will ever be able to distinguish between your natural and transplanted hair after undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

Superstars are mostly trendsetters, let’s take an example of hair transplants. Many hair loss victims get inspired by the following celebrities and undergone a hair transplant procedure to permanently treat their hair loss.

  • Louis Walsh
  • Wayne Rooney
  • Martin Roberts
  • Michael Hosseini
  • Jake Quickenden

If you are also suffering from hair loss, hair thinning or baldness and want to opt for a hair transplant surgery, then before undergoing the procedure you have to make sure whether you are a good candidate or not:

What Makes a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant?

Following are the certain requirements and conditions that can make you a good candidate for hair transplant

  1. Hair transplant procedure works better with specific hair colours.
  2. Its success rate depends upon the shape and thickness of your hair.
  3. If you have a flexible scalp.
  4. You shouldn’t be suffering from any scalp diseases.
  5. If you can afford the hair transplant procedure.

1.Hair transplant Procedure Works Better with Specific Hair Colors:

The colour of your hair, especially how it relates to your scalp colour is of great significance. If you have less contrast or dissimilarity between your hair and scalp color, then it makes you a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. Because after undergoing the hair transplant surgery, you would have more chances for better coverage.

Like nobody will be able to observe your hair loss if you have blond hair and scalp color. Because the skin and hair color will appear to blend together. But if the color of your hair is dark or black then your hair loss will be prominent.

2.Its Success Rate Depends upon the Shape and Thickness of your Hair:

If you have thick hair then you are a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. Because the thicker your hair will be, the less the appearance of your hair loss will be.

The shape of your hair is also important, like if you have curly or wavy hair then it will allow you more coverage to your scalp.

3.If you have a Flexible Scalp:

If you have a flexible or loose scalp then you would be a good candidate for a hair transplant procedure. Because it would be easier for the surgeon, to implant extracted hair follicles on your recipient or treatment required area.

But if have a tight scalp then you aren’t a suitable candidate to undergo hair transplant surgery.

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4.You Shouldn’t be Suffering From any Scalp Diseases:

If you are suffering from diffuse un-patterned alopecia then you aren’t a good candidate to undergo a hair transplant procedure.

Because you have an unhealthy donor hair supply and undergoing a hair transplant procedure would only be a waste of both, your time and money.

5.If You Can Afford the Hair Transplant Procedure:

If you are financially stable enough to undergo a hair transplant procedure, then you are a good candidate for it. But if it’s difficult for you to spend a lot of money then you can undergo a less expensive hair loss treatment.


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