Why choose hair transplant in Pakistan

Why Choose Hair Transplant in Pakistan?

If you are looking for the retrieval of your leafy hair that has suffered a considerable decline over the years. You have searched for the most affordable prices in Google for hair transplant surgery and it suggests Pakistan as the country with the cheapest surgeries. Surely it will pass through your head that why the hair transplants in Pakistan are so cheap?

The price of a hair transplant in Islamabad & Pakistan is enormously lower than in other European countries or Arab countries, almost 10 times lower than the value of this type of surgery in the United States and Europe. There are highly qualified and skilled professionals, with widespread experience in the field, the latest technological tools at the forefront of this type of surgeries, and a staff with extensive experience in continuous growth due to the number of hair transplant surgeries performed every day.

Key factors affecting the low prices of hair transplants in Pakistan:

One of the main factors is the number of clinics that exist in the country, more than 120 Hair transplant specialized centers are currently working in Pakistan, each with numerous surgical rooms equipped with the latest technology, which have a high number of surgeries per day, which decreases the cost considerably for the clinics and allowing them to offer prices much lower than the other countries. In Pakistan, most clinics use scientifically have proven methods of hair transplants.

Another Reason to choose hair transplant in Pakistan is that the charges are very economical and the prices of the hair transplant in Pakistan are low as the Pakistani surgeons charge by amount of transplanted follicles, whereas in other European and American countries the surgeons charged by the working hours of the medical group, which fluctuates between 6 to 8 hours, where it is possible to transplant up to five thousand follicles. The medical fee of Pakistani surgeons is much lower than the salaries paid to surgeons in other countries, as a result of which remunerations in Pakistan are lower compared to other countries. The hair transplant surgery generally costs less than what other countries are charging for the same surgery.

This has boosted ‘health tourism’ to a great extent in Pakistan, which generates huge revenues to the country and has refilled the streets and points of tourist interest of this paradise, that is the reason why the government has cleverly subsidized this practice in the country to keep prices incredibly eye-catching.

The competition also plays a vital role, the number, and diversity of hair transplant clinics in Pakistan help to keep the prices low in a healthy competition to appeal to customers.

If you consider all these factors, that include the packages which offer accommodation, translator-guide, pre-operative consultation, hair transplantation, postoperative consultation, and hair graft assurance, there is no doubt that the ideal place for hair transplants surgery is Pakistan for its value for money.