If you have decided to undergo a makeover treatment, then you must be confused while choosing an authentic, recognized clinic and the experienced surgeon. As the success rate of the treatment is dependent on these two factors.

At SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, our staff makes utmost effort to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and to guarantee your satisfaction. That’s the reason, our clients believe that we only provide the best results.

The clinic is made up of a team of world renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Who are proficient in performing the both surgical and non-surgical procedures, without making any kind of mistakes.

Our surgeons are board certified with the record of more than 800 surgeries per surgeon and deal their patients on individual basis to help them in selecting the right treatment option.

In addition, our staff is highly talented, professional, skilled and endowed. We provide comfortable treatments and 24 hour available to for any queries.

During the consultation with our surgeon, he will inform you about all the stages and procedural steps involved in the certain treatment. And whatever questions you might have will also be answered.

SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatment options for numerous cosmetic conditions.

Putting the Patient First:

  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Personal Touch

· Education:

We educate our patients on different treatments and procedures, as your guide includes factors that will help you in increasing the success rates of your treatment, aftercare, costs and your expectations regarding the results of the procedure.

· Ethics:

We the staff of SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic are committed to provide you with the highest level of comfort and safety. You are always welcome in our clinic and will provide you all the expected information and guidance.

· Personal Touch:

At SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we aim to provide you more than your demands. Our team will always be there to help or assist you before and after the procedure. Our Some Procedures are:

Hair Transplant in Islamabad

Hair Loss Treatment in Islamabad

Breast Augmentation in Islamabad

Rhinoplasty in Islamabad

Dental Services in Islamabad


Why to Choose Us?

Following are the reasons to choose SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic:

  1. SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is an authentic and recognized Medical institute.
  2. We have internationally recognized cosmetic and plastic surgeons.
  3. Our staff including surgeons are board certified and have many years of experience in both surgical and non-surgical procedures.
  4. You will be attended by the one of our proficient surgeon, who will help you in choosing a right treatment option for you and will also answer your all questions or concerns.
  5. Our expert surgeon will guide you to follow pre and post-operative care requirements. He will also help you in solving your queries and issues regarding the recovery period after undergoing the surgery.
  6. Hygiene and safety are one of the priority of SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. You don’t have to worry about the environment as the place where your surgery will be performed is absolutely hygienic and safe.