Breast Augmentation Recovery Reviews Dubai

Breast Augmentation Reviews & Recovery

Most people today are not happy with their appearance, mainly women. Some hate the way their nose looks, others are frustrated by the pigmentation issues and some feel under confident due to their flat chest and lack of curves. In this situation, Boob job in Islamabad or elsewhere seems to be the perfect choice for achieving a perfect figure. If you are looking for authentic advice, the people who have undergone the treatment are the best ones to ask for. Here is what women who had undergone the treatment had to say about it

In the past few years, Kardashian tush has been all the rage but a perky pair of breasts will never go out of trend. In fact, a survey states that there has been a significant increase, about 37 percent, in a number of boob surgeries done in the past year as compared to the year before it. Now, that’s a tremendous number. More and more women are getting their looks enhanced in one way or the other. But is it really worth it? Here is what women who had undergone the treatment had to say;

Breast Augmentation Reviews & Recovery Riana Metra

At the age of 33, she got her boob job in November 2007. At that point she chose the cheapest option available and didn’t look much into the capabilities of the surgeon and you guessed it right, she ended up with an awful doctor, her Breast Augmentation begin to sag a year after the surgery. At that point, she didn’t had enough money to get the problem fixed. After 5 years, she went for a better surgeon and is now happy with her perky boobies. Her advice is to spend a little extra if you have too but don’t end up with a surgeon who doesn’t know what he is doing.

Breast Augmentation Reviews For Alyssa Zolna

She suggests you, to schedule your surgery on Friday and take more days off from work than your doctor recommends you to. She also recommends getting hold of a family member or a friend or some other help that will take care of you for the first three days because you will be in pain and will need external help to do day to day tasks. She had extreme pain under her arms. It was almost like someone was stabbing her, especially when she lifted her arms. The pain is awful and you will feel like why you have gotten yourself into this but trust me, it’s a matter of time and it will certainly be the best decision you have ever made. And suddenly, this pain will become all so worth it.

Breast Augmentation Reviews For Anna Ashleigh

At the age of 27, she went from AA cup to CC in the year 2014. No matter how much the surgeons tell you that it will be fine, the pain experienced after the surgery will be intense. You will be barely able to move your upper body for at least three days and will face a problem eating, sleeping, sitting and practically everything.

Breast Augmentation Reviews For Zolna Steve

You will have to get used to the feeling of having boobs. Yes, as silly as it sounds. You will feel that your Breast Augmentation are two balls that can fall off your chest any minute. I know I was holding them like precious gems for a week. I found it really hard to keep my arms down while walking. I always placed my arms below my boobies. But don’t worry, they won’t fall off. Don’t rest your arms under and you will get used to the feeling within two days.

Breast Augmentation Reviews For Miora Sen

Your clothes won’t fit you the way they did before. And no, I am not talking about the size alone as that’s pretty obvious. I used to love wearing flowy tops prior to my breast augmentation as I felt like a boho princess in them. But, after my Breast Augmentation Surgery Islamabad I couldn’t wear them anymore as they made me look huge, yes huge. Hence I opted for more fitted tops. They cupped my breasts perfectly and gave me a more slender appearance. Did I let go of my bohemian spirit? Well, no, I opted for maxi skirts instead of loose fitting blouses. The bottom line is you’ll have to tweak your sense of style to match your new body.

This was all the advice and insights from women who have undergone a Breast Specialist in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. What do you think of them? Will you undergo it or not?