Can breasts grow back after reduction?

Breast reduction surgery or Reduction mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that is done to help reduce or minimize large breasts. Foremost, it seeks to address physical pain, correct deformation, and improve the body shape. It is often performed for back and neck pain, and skin irritation as well as to reduce some imbalance in the body weight distribution. 

It is mostly always a life-changing experience, the patient is relieved not only physically but also gains confidence they start being active without the pain.

What is Breast Reduction or Reduction Mammaplasty?

Breast reduction surgery is a treatment process that helps patients achieve smaller and symmetrical breast sizes. This simply refers to the lesser discomfort associated with having a large breast size. 

Some of the causes of this problem are back, neck, and constant shoulder pain, skin rash in the area around the breasts, and discomfort during physical activities. It is also used by many women to enhance their looks and be able to wear their favorite dress or Jeans without any discomfort.

Breast reduction surgery candidates

Breast reduction is suitable for women who have extremely big busts that cause physical pain. Other considerations include

  • The need to reduce pain, 
  • Increase mobility and physical performance, and 
  • Boost confidence.

Other essential criteria include the subject’s health status, absence of smoking, and realistic goals relative to the surgery. 

The Surgical Procedure:

Several processes are usually performed in breast reduction surgery. 

  • First, an anesthetic is induced for the patient’s comfort. 
  • Subsequently, the surgeon employs incisions that go around the dark area of the areola and down the breast. 
  • It involves the cutting off of the breast tissue, fats, and skin and then reshaping them into a new form.
  • The nipples and areolas may be moved. 
  • Lastly, the incisions made on the skin are closed up through the use of threads. 
  • Some techniques include the anchor or lollipop methods depending on the patient’s requirements and the size of the breast.

Pre-Operative Preparations:

  • Physical examination and tests such as mammography may also be conducted on patients before the surgery. 
  • You should also inform the surgeon about any previous ailments and the medications that you are using. 
  • Patients shouldn’t take certain medications preoperatively, refrain from smoking, and organize for transportation right after surgery.

Post-Operative Care:

The recovery time after the particular procedure of breast reduction surgery will also vary depending on the individual patient. 

  • First of all, the inflammatory process, hematoma, and pain will develop in the first days after the surgery; analgesics are administered to relieve this condition. 
  • The patient has to wear a brace and avoid strenuous activities in the initial stages of the procedure that is carried out. 
  • The patient can go back to her normal daily life within a month though it takes several months for the body to heal. 
  • You should however consider scheduling a follow-up appointment with your surgeon so that your progress is assessed and any side effects noted if any.

Factors that affect breast regrowth after reduction:

Hormonal Changes: 

The hormones are responsible for the formation of breast tissues. Breast size too can change due to hormonal variation that results from factors such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause or even changes in body weight and shape. These hormonal changes may lead to re-growth of the boobs to a certain size after the surgery has been done to make them smaller.

Weight change: 

The dimensions of the breast may change as a result of either gaining or losing weight because the breast is made from fat. Breast size and shape can also be a determinant, especially after surgery for many women if they gain or lose a lot of weight. To maintain those benefits of the surgery for breast reduction, it is crucial to maintain a stable weight.

Genetic Factors: 

The size of the breast also has a known link to genetics. Some women may have more developed chest muscles because of genetics and this may affect the surgery outcome among other factors. Breasts may start growing in size once more even after the process of reduction is conducted and it is probably due to the results of genetic factors.

Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in Islamabad:

The cost of breast reduction surgery in Islamabad ranges between 320,000 PKR to 450,000 PKR. However, the cost may varies depending on several factors;

Cost factors include; 

  • Surgeon’s expertise, 
  • Level of surgery, 
  • Type of anesthesia, and 
  • The hospital tariff. 

So, you should discuss all questions about costs to understand what you can expect or not.

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