Can Pigmentation be Cured Permanently in Islamabad

Most men and women face pigmentation in their lives as they start to get older. They will experience brown patches or spots forming on their faces, hands and, with time, all over their bodies. These discolored spots are a natural part of growing old.

However, there are a number of other reasons that can cause pigmentation on the skin; in the case of younger people suffering from pigmentation, it is mainly due to chemicals or going out too much in the sun.

But Can pigmentation be cured permanently in Islamabad? Well, yes, of course! With SKN Cosmetic‘s high-tech equipment, anything can be made possible to make our clients feel confident about themselves again.


Medically this discoloration or pigment formation on the skin is known as hyperpigmentation, and it can seriously impact the self-esteem of the bearer. Asian women, particularly the women in the subcontinent, suffer the most from hyperpigmentation.

This condition occurs when a person’s skin starts making melanin in large quantities, causing spots and blemishes to appear on the skin that are much darker as compared to the surrounding skin. Melanin is the pigment in the skin that gives it that fleshy color.

Most people think that people with fairer skin tones are more prone to this condition; however, that’s not true. This condition can affect any skin color and type. As of now, there are three types of hyperpigmentation:

  • Inflammatory pigmentation:
    This type of discoloration occurs on the skin areas that suffer from inflammation.
  • Solar Lentigines:
    These are marks and spots that appear on the skin of aged people due to excessive sun exposure and are usually found on the hands and face.
  • Chloasma:
    These are large dark patches usually found on the stomach, forehead, underarms or bikini line of pregnant women or people with dark skin tones. This type is most common among Asian


The discoloration on the skin is caused to several factors. They are :


To protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, the body mass produces melanin. This causes the skin to develop darker patches and marks than your normal skin tone. These spots are also expected on people who work long hours in the sun. The formation speed is slow in young people, but as they age, it speeds up.


If the skin has suffered from an acne breakout or an eczema breakout, it’s likely to leave marks and spots. Other skin injuries that cause inflammation include getting burned, cut, etc. Pakistani women are more prone to developing hyperpigmentation due to this.

Reaction To Chemicals:

Lastly, your skin is likely to develop dark patches due to harsh chemicals. Most women get dark patches under their arms and on the vagina due to using hair removal creams and sprays. The chemicals damage the skin, causing it to turn darker than your normal skin tone. This is common in people with warmer skin tones.

Can Pigmentation Be Cured Permanently in Islamabad?

Many people suffering from discoloration think that there is no permanent cure for it. Luckily for them, SKN Cosmetics offers a permanent solution to dark spots and patches on your skin. There are numerous treatments that our team offers depending on how dark and large the patches are, such as:

● Laser Treatment:

In this procedure, the skin is exposed to highly concentrated light beams that zap away the dark pigments in the skin.

●  IPL Therapy:

This beauty treatment is similar to getting a laser but is used for larger discolored areas.

●  Chemexfoliation:

The technician will apply a chemically rich liquid to the skin and let it damage the upper layer of the skin. This makes the damaged skin layer peel off, revealing spotless, younger-looking skin.

● Dermasponge:

Lastly, in his method, the beauty technician will sand the face in a gentle motion using a micro abrasion tool. This ‘scrubs’ away from any dead skin and dark spots.

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