Can Your Skin Whitening Cream Make You Sick in Islamabad


Beauty norms historically varied from culture to culture. As migration and globalization lead to homogenized international beauty standards internationally, however, various beauty trends have emerged to dominate. America, home to the most influential cultural norms, has spread its ideal of beauty into other cultures. Paler skin was historically associated with the bourgeoisie and was thought to represent wealth and success. Darker skin was traditionally associated with menial labor and poverty, as the skin was thought to darken under the harsh conditions of outdoor work. It would be reasonable to believe that those preconceptions have long since disappeared. Skin whitening in Islamabad no doubt is such a wish that everyone would urge to fulfill. We can’t say exactly if these are the motivations from charismatic personalities of celebrities or this is the magic spell of having a fair complexion that is compelling us to opt some cream.

Anyways whatever the factor is, but one thing is for sure, this is the fervour of using Skin Whitening Cream or bleaching your skin. But witnessing the past results, and talking to some of the people, I have noticed that use of Skin Whitening Cream may become a curse than a blessing. According to Dermatologists in Islamabad use of Skin Whitening Cream is not a good option to practice. Want to know why Skin Whitening or bleaching your skin isn’t a wise idea? Let’s tell you in detail.

The downside of Using Skin Whitening Cream

In a society where television and print advertisements dictate that fair skin is associated with beauty, the fixation on skin whitening is hard to avoid. Without going into details, I should only highlight facts about skin whitening cream

Prolonged use of Skin Whitening Cream can contribute to premature aging signs. 

You must have heard the statement that slow and steady wins the race but in case of skin whitening, this may prove wrong. According to Dermatologists, prolonged use of Skin Whitening Cream can contribute to premature aging signs. This is why using skin whitening cream or bleaching your skin for a longer time isn’t a very good suggestion at all.

Fear of Skin Cancer from Exposure to Sun

People using whitening creams are more vulnerable to the threat that their skin may get affected. In such a case weaken skin if exposed to the sun for a longer period may cause cancer.

The amalgamation of Steroids and Fear of Skin Infection

Steroids in some skin lightening/whitening products may increase the risk of skin infections. Skin thinning, acne and poor wound handling are other things that has to do with the use of these products.

What Else Should You Do Then

Reported or unreported, there is a number of other downsides too. However, this is also important that the quest to have glowing skin will never perish.

The question is, What should you then? Is it ok to surrender? Or you will take a leap of faith to redo with your skin. Whether you wish or not but rubbing those scrubs or bleaches for a long time will not bring as good as compared to the harm it will. So I should better ask you to try something else.

What Should You Try Then That is Instant and Proven

The world of Cosmetic Surgery has witnessed that Laser Technology proved a blessing in many cases. And if you really want to rejuvenate your skin in instant manner while getting proven results, then I should suggest you opt Laser Skin Whitening. This is because the procedure is very smooth and the results are obvious and quickest. And if you aren’t sure, how to find out the right clinic then the better idea is to book a free online consultation with the clinics prior to your visit.