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Humanity seeks relief and comfort. Human beings find ways to ease their lives and limit the possibility of negative incidents. Considering this point, humans persistently struggle to modify the realm of their lives.  The idea of advancement and modernity also encompasses the medical field. Everything from medicines to surgical interventions is transforming. Amid this progress, surgical techniques have also evolved. Now, you can also consider options other than open surgery, such as laparoscopic surgery in Islamabad. 

Let’s Unravel The Concept Of This Surgical Method!

Some people hate open or large cuts or incisions.  This drive does not let them seek these methods to deal with their specific objectives. In addition to that, we also strive to reduce the risk of side effects. These both considerations have enabled us to develop a  minimally invasive, easy to perform and less threatening treatment called laparoscopic surgery.  

Basically, this is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that does not require large incisions. By using this technique, an operation is performed via small incisions, reducing blood loss and offering quicker recovery than traditional ways. A laparoscope-a thin tube with a camera- is employed during this method to operate abdominal and pelvic areas.

Embrace Modern Treatment Approach: Core Benefits

  •  A practitioner no more requires a large incision or cut
  • Small incisions are made to obtain the desired results
  • Limits blood loss and also fosters the recovery period
  • Decreases the element of pain and discomfort
  • Reduces the risks of infections and limits hospital stay
  •  Prevents exposure of internal organs to outside contaminants

Tiny Incisions, Better Results: Procedure

At SKN Cosmetics Islamabad, we prefer to arrange a consultation session before operation. The purpose of this session is to understand the needs and requirements of a patient and inform him about the method, its benefits, and the possibility of desired results. 

Following this session, a patient is prepared for it. An expert may administer local anesthesia and also cleanse the targeted area. A surgeon also introduces carbon dioxide gas into the abdominal region to separate or lift the abdominal wall in order to get better visibility and space to operate.

A laparoscope containing a tiny camera is inserted via small incisions. The camera takes pictures and shows them on the monitor for more precise results. Other instruments are also inserted through these small incisions to perform necessary tasks such as cuts and cultures.

This technique can be applied to deal with a diverse range of problems, such as the removal of organs and tissue repair. Incisions are closed with sutures to speed up the recovery period. 

Precise Harmony: Results

Whoever thinks of undergoing this sort of procedure to alleviate pain and discomfort and get relief, without a  doubt, everyone would try to learn about the expertise of surgeons and ask about the possibility of better results. We care about this factor and prove our passion, dedication and expertise via proper evidence. Here, you can also explore our treatment approaches through these before and after pictures. You can also experience the relish and sense of satisfaction on the faces of our patients.

Cost Of This Technique:

The cost of laparoscopic treatment in Islamabad starts from PKR 150,000 and goes up to PKR 4,00,000. You may experience fluctuation in overall cost. It is because the price of this procedure depends on a few factors that include but are not limited to the type and intensity of it, aftercare measures, the clinic’s location, and the expertise of a practitioner. 

Who Is A  Suitable Candidate?

People must get a consultation session to explore whether they are suitable candidates for this specific treatment. In addition to that, an individual can also consider the following points to get a general suitability criteria. 

You are a good candidate for this if you

  • Are healthy and have no complex conditions
  • Seek minimally invasive yet productive and personalized treatments
  • Aim to prevent extensive scarring 
  • Have realistic expectations and  prepared yourself for it

Aftercare Measures:

Well, this surgery does not require large incisions, but still, it involves small cuts, requiring a recovery period. A patient must follow the instructions of his surgeon to get optimal results. Though it employs minor incisions, blood loss is also less than in traditional operations. Still, you are required to follow postoperative measures.

  • Take prescribed medicines to manage postoperative pain and discomfort
  • Keep the treated area clean and dry to prevent infection
  • Take proper rest and prevent strenuous activities
  • Follow a healthy diet plan to avoid nutrient deficiency
  • Inform your doctor if you observe any problem

Summing Up:

Laparoscopic surgery in Islamabad is an advanced medical procedure that deals with several issues by employing cuts or incisions. This is an alternative to traditional operations, which require large incisions and expose internal organs. This modern technique only requires small incisions. A small tube containing a camera is inserted to visualize the internal structure and perform this operation. It is a speedy and effective way, with minimal blood loss.

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