Ear Pinning Without Surgery in Islamabad

With today’s technology, anything you want is possible. But is it possible to get body enhancements without going under the knife? Well, yes! Anything can be made possible if we put our mind and heart to it, even if they are body modifications. In the world of beauty, having very prominent or protruding ears can cause damage to one’s confidence.

Not only does it look out of place, but it is also challenging to keep your hair behind your ears. Although there are no medical problems related to protruding ears, some people prefer correctly locating their ears for the aesthetics. Getting your ears pinned can be a long surgical process, but can Ear Pinning Without Surgery in Islamabad be possible? Read on to get more details!

What is Ear Pinning?

There are several techniques that are used to make protruding ears less prominent, and picking the right method can be tricky. The surgical procedure to fix ears that are sticking out is known as otoplasty. There are two main methods used to carry out this surgery; using stitches to alter the cartilage’s shape or to weaken the cartilage to alter its shape. Most doctors prefer to do this surgically as it’s much more predictable. The operation is done without requiring bandages and has a recovery period of two weeks.

Non-surgical options:

Ear Buddies:

The first option is using ear buddies. This non-invasive procedure to fix prominent ears only works on infants or newborns as their cartilage is still developing. This procedure is not preferred as much since it cannot be applied to adults who have very visible ears. The Ear splints or the ear buddies are applied to the newborn’s ears for a total of two months. This method is only applicable to some newborns as protruding ears are not visible in newborn babies and are only prominent as the child grows up

Incisionless Otoplasty:

This method is another procedure that may be considered an ear pinning procedure that does not require surgery. This is another surgical treatment that seeks to put the same sutures as in the ear stitch/stitch otoplasty approach without making a cut in the skin by inserting the needle and thread through the ear’s skin. This procedure is slowly gaining popularity since it might be challenging to set the sutures without seeing the cartilage precisely. This could jeopardize the outcome because precise stitch placement is required. Furthermore, there may be complications such as sutures projecting through the skin and a greater recurrence rate if the sutures are opened before they heal properly.

Pros And Cons of Non-Surgical Options:

Using stitches to alter the contour of the ear was first documented in the 1960s. There has recently been a focus on making the operation safer and easier, with less recovery time period. This change is reflected in the phrase “ear stitch.” Except for extremely small children, general anesthesia is no longer a requirement, and practically all procedures may be undertaken using local anesthesia.

Bandages were used (and still are in certain clinics) for up to one month. These bandages are no longer required to stay on for one month now and can be removed within twenty hours of getting this procedure done. The method entails making a slit behind the ear to gain entry to the bone and implant the stitches; no need for the skin to be removed. With a mirror, the patient may quickly examine the ear location and make modifications if necessary.

Some Obvious Advantages To Getting Non-Invasive Treatment:

  • The primary benefit of getting this treatment done if that there is precision in adjusting the ear’s shape. This makes non-invasive treatment very effective and can be applied to any ear shape.
  • The procedure is safe and does not involve any risks or severe complications.
  • If necessary, the conchal bowl of the ear can be repaired at the same time.
  • The scar is covered behind the ear, and the client can continue normal activities for a time period of a few days.

Some Obvious Disadvantages To Getting Non-Invasive Treatment:

There arent any disadvantages to this technique, just some average procedural outcomes that are pretty predictable, such as:

  • This method can take longer to carry out as compared to getting the ear fold and can take a few days longer to recover.
  • Although the exact desired position of the ear can usually be achieved in this technique, there may be a minor change (a few millimeters) after complete healing. Actual recurrence is relatively rare if the method is performed accurately and can be relatively easily corrected.

Although these non-surgical options are good alternatives to getting Ear Surgery, its best that you consult with your doctor first and then go for them,

Ideal Candidate:

There is no ideal candidate for this procedure as the only requirement is to have protruding or prominent ears.

Other than that, the following are some categories that need to be cleared for the operator to carry out this treatment on you:

  • Blood tests need to be cleared so the doctor can determine if you have any blood diseases or not
  • You must be under the age of sixty-five to get the treatment
  • You should be a non-smoker and have a healthy diet.

How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on where you get this treatment done from, it can cost you around 50,000 PKRto 60000 PKR. It should be noted that if you do not want to face any complications during the procedure, you should not try to cut corners for the cost of this treatment. The follow-up sessions are also included in this total cost and you should see your doctor every two weeks after the procedure until your ear is fully healed.

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