Face Plastic Surgery in Pakistan

The face is the most prominent body part that shows 70% of your personality. It feels good when you are looking beautiful. Every feature of the face should be accurate and perfect but some people aren’t lucky enough to have a kind of attractive face. However, there are some advanced cosmetic surgeries that will completely change the imperfections of your face.

So, if you want to make your look according to your desires then read this blog post that will declare all about Face Plastic Surgery in Pakistan. It also includes several types of surgeries, their benefits and their results. So, continue reading!

Why People Need Plastic Surgery For Face?

Globally, everyone wants a face that should be attractive, young and glowing but due to several facts of age, medication reaction, injury, birth defects or weakness can make your face dull and unattractive. That is why people choose to get cosmetic surgery. The common aims are mentioned below:

  • To improve your self-image.
  • For fixing any injury of the face.
  • Medical or cosmetic concerns.
  • Want to get the celebrity look.
  • Getting more Health and appearance benefits.
  • To enhance the volume and youthfulness.
  • These procedures are affordable and long term results.

Top 5 Facial Plastic Surgeries:

According to SKN Cosmetics, there is a variety of facial plastic surgeries but a few common treatments that most of people choose are mentioned below:

  • Rhinoplasty:

If you have crooked, misaligned, increase/decrease the size of the nose or have breathing issues then Rhinoplasty is a surgery that fixes all nose problems. It is performed cosmetic and medical concerns and gives you a perfect nose according to your expectations. This treatment will give you long-lasting and satisfying results. The recovery period may take 3 months and after that, you will enjoy your new look.

  • Eyelid surgery:

A type of surgery that is also known as blepharoplasty – perform for removing the excess fats and saggy skin from the eyelid. The surgeon will make an incision into the creases and trim the excess fat and make your eye look accurate shape. It will give you long-lasting and satisfying results without any complications and side effects.

  • Chin and Jawline Enhancement:

An orthognathic surgery that is used to perform enhancement and reshaping the jaw and chin is known as chin and Jaw surgery. It can reduce the size or improve the appearance of both the jaw and chin. The results will lifetime and you may not need any surgery for it. Moreover, it is suitable for those who have double chin problems or exceed jaw.

  • Ear surgery (otoplasty):

A cosmetic procedure that is performed for reshaping or changing the shape, size and position of the ears is known as otoplasty. Sometimes, ear position or shape can make your facial appearance awkward which requires corrections through plastic surgery. It will give you satisfying, effective and long-lasting results.

  • Hair Transplant: 

A surgical procedure that is used to perform for implanting hair on bald or patchy areas of the head, eyebrows, eyelashes and beard is known as Hair transplantation. The surgeon will extract healthy hair follicles from the donor site and implant them on recipient areas. It will give long-term results and natural growth of hair.

Therefore, all these treatments are performed by experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons. Also, these will be performed under local or general anesthesia (it depends). The total duration of these procedures is 2 to 3 hours.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery:

Generally, there are a lot of benefits once you consider plastic surgery for yourself. A few common benefits are listed below:

  • Effective, safest and painless procedure.
  • Provide long-lasting and satisfying results.
  • No major complications or side effects.
  • One-time paying solutions.
  • Boost your self-image and self-confidence.
  • Improves the quality of your life.

How Does Cost Will Calculate?

The average cost of Face Plastic Surgery in Pakistan can vary from person to person. It depends on a few factors like what type of surgery you want, how much correction you need, the number of surgeries and by choosing the expert plastic surgeon may fluctuate the cost.

Furthermore, if you want to get the actual cost of the treatment according to your concerns and expectations then you can contact us or visit our clinic anytime. We will provide every bit of information related to your query.

A Note From SKN Clinic!

Therefore, if you want to get effective and life-changing plastic surgery for your facial appearance then feel free to consult us. We are performing amazing plastic surgeries for a very long time and provided satisfying results to every client. Moreover, our prices are reasonable and affordable as compared to other clinics. So, don’t wait and appoint us for making your look perfect!