Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer Surgery in Islamabad

Our hands are our most noticeable feature, and visible veins and tendons are regarded as symbols or signs of a person getting older. Fat transfer is the process of grafting fat from a healthy part of the body to the desired portion of the body. This is the safest technique for revitalizing your hand by restoring the fat. The methods of grafting fat are constant in using the average cannula size and a relaxed injection. While the topic of how the fat is distributed in a particular area is still under discussion, patient satisfaction only depends on restoring the volume of the fat in the hands. Numerous clinics are offering Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer Surgery in Islamabad, but it is better to book a consultation session first.

What is Fat Grafting?

The procedure of transferring healthy fat from the thighs or buttocks to other parts of the body is known as fat grafting. The process involves removing the fat via liposuction and then injecting it into the desired area of the body, such as the hands. This technique is famous among aging people or celebrities who like to maintain their looks despite their increasing age. The process not only adds a layer of fat tissue to your hands but also involves removing any blemishes or spots present on the skin.

The doctor starts the procedure by putting you under general anesthesia. He will then mark all of your donor areas on the thigh and extract the healthy fat from that marked region. The marked areas are then sewn up, and the fat cleansing process is started. This fat is passed through a centrifuge to remove any impurities such as water, blood droplets and oil particles. After the impurities are removed, the fat is condensed and refined. This pure fat is now ready to be transferred into your hands.

The surgeon will make small incisions on the back of your hand and inject them with concentrated fat. These openings vary on the size of the hand. If you have small hands, the surgeon will make four or five on the back of your hand; for bigger hands, about eight openings are created. The fat will be sculpted into a smooth and even layer underneath the skin for the perfect look.

To place the refined fat, your doctor will make about seven or eight small entrance sites around the back of your hand. Your doctor will then place the fat, sculpting it into a smooth, uniform layer for an ideal appearance. In the end, the doctor will close your openings with small stitches and wrap up the hand to protect it from exposure.

Who is Eligible For This Treatment?

This technique is used solely for cosmetic purposes, giving the hands a more youthful appearance. Although everyone can easily get their hands treated, there is still a list of candidates who are eligible for this procedure. Some of them are:

  • Patients who have aging spots and protruding veins, giving the hands a saggy and wrinkly appearance.
  • If you have thin bony hands due to your diet, you can get fat grafting surgeries to make your hands look fuller.
  • In order to get your hands reconstructed, it is essential to have all your lab results to be clear. If the results show that you have skin allergies, then you will not be able to get the procedure.

How Long is The Recovery Time:

The recovery process of this surgery depends on several things. If the fat was grafted from more than one donor spot and in large amounts, then it can take up to a month to heal. However, if the operation is minor, then the healing time period is also reduced. The healing process depends on the number of donor sites and how much fat was extracted.

After the surgery, you will experience redness, soreness and pain in your hands and the donor areas. These operated areas are likely to swell up, especially the areas where fat was extracted from, causing bruises to appear. You shouldn’t be worried as this is part of the recovery process, and stitches can be removed within three months. In some cases, the swelling and pain disappear even after a week, depending on how major or minor the operation was.

You will be able to use your hands for all sorts of activities after one week of the surgery, but it is best if they avoid any harsh and quick movements as this interrupts the hand’s healing.

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