How Much Does it Cost To Get a Nose Job in Islamabad

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but sometimes you can also be the beholder of your own beauty. Nowadays people are getting their noses done more for cosmetic purposes and less for medical reasons. This procedure is done to enhance our facial beauty. Facial beauty is just the right blend of characteristics that are in perfect harmony, balance, and symmetry. Since your nose is present at the center of your face and connects all of the other features if it is not symmetrical it can throw off the balance of your other facial features. The only way to fix an asymmetrical nose is to get it done surgically, this means getting a nose job. But How Much Does it Cost to Get a Nose Job in Islamabad, Pakistan?

What is a Nose Job?

This procedure is used by the surgeon to align the nose with the patient’s other facial features. It is an invasive procedure which means that it can not be performed without surgery. The surgery involves opening up the nose with incisions and rearranging it to the desired shape and size.
As of now, there are two methods to perform a nose job; open and closed.

Open Nose Job:

This option involves opening up the nose with three incisions to align the bone and nasal cartilage. This option is used to perform more complicated nasal surgeries such as cases where one has a deviated septum and is having difficulties while breathing. Most people do not get this option if they are looking to get the procedure done for aesthetic reasons. This is due to the 10% visible scar left behind from this procedure. This option is the best to pick if you are suffering from any deformities of the nose or if you suffered any physical trauma to the face that resulted in your nose being completely dislocated.

Closed Nose Job:

This option is more suited to patients who just want to change the shape of their nose for aesthetic reasons. It is performed by making two incisions on the inside of the nose and then the bone and cartilage are altered to the patient’s liking. Since this does not leave behind any visible or virtually invisible scarring, most people who want to beautify themselves opt for this option. A closed nose job also yields less swelling and hence it takes less time for the nose to heal properly.

What To Expect From a Nose Job?

Most people have unrealistic expectations about getting their noses done and get disappointed when the results are realistic. This is why it’s best practice to consult your doctor first and then get the surgery. However, the following are some results you can expect from a nose job:

  • Have a slightly more straighter nose
  • Have no difficulty breathing
  • Have a more perfectly aligned nose
  • Have a symmetrical nose that compliments the rest of your facial features

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Nose Job in Islamabad?

The Average Cost to Get a Nose Job in Islamabad, Pakistan will be around 70,000 PKR to 150,000 PKR. This price tag is dependent on a number of factors that can either increase or decrease the price of the procedure. Another thing to keep in mind is that most clinics do not offer free consultations or charge more for the consultation session. But that’s not the case here at SKN Cosmetics. We offer all of our current and new clients a free consultation session to help them understand the results and procedures for whatever treatment they pick.

Factors Impacting the Cost to Get a Nose Job:

There are not one or two factors that can have an influence on the cost. There are several reasons why the cost of getting a rhinoplasty in Islamabad, Pakistan might cost you more money or less money. Some of these reasons are discussed in detail below:

1)   The applied technique:

The first and most important factor that can add to the cost is the technique that is used. Open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty both cost different amounts of money. This is because open nose jobs require more precisions and time as compared to a closed nose job. The former option also costs more money because it’s a much more complicated surgery when compared to the latter.

2)    The number of sessions:

The number of sessions can also increase the overall cost of a procedure. In the case of getting a nose job done, it only takes one session. So there is no need to worry about paying for multiple appointments. However, if you need to get a follow examination done, you will have to pay for

3)    Desired outcomes:

If you have any high expectations for the results, then you should also keep in mind that it will cost you a hefty amount. SKN Cosmetics has state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that you leave the clinic with the results you desire.

4)   Doctor’s fee:

Another thing to keep in mind is the doctors’ qualifications. If you want to be treated by a highly qualified doctor, then you have to pay his fee as well. Most doctors with years of experience will charge you more.

5)   The Surgical Equipment:

Since each surgery requires a new set of surgical equipment, you will also be charged for this. But this will be included in the total bill and you will not be charged for it separately. If you have already purchased the equipment, then you can ask your surgeon to exclude these expenses.

6)    The Clinic’s location:

The clinic’s location also plays a major role in the budget you would be spending. Most posh clinics tend to charge you more money as they want to cash out their location as much as they can.

7)    Type of clinic:

Private clinics tend to make their patients pay more money as compared to what they charge at a local hospital where they work. These doctors claim that they will be providing exclusive facilities and that is why they charge the extra amount.

8)   Additional Charges:

Lastly, the price tag also includes all additional charges such as anesthesia and aftercare medication. These medicines are important and are sometimes included in the total charges and sometimes they are not.

Does Insurance Cover a Nose Job?

If you’re wondering How Much Does it Cost to Get a Nose Job in Islamabad, Pakistan, and are hoping that insurance will cover this cosmetic procedure, we regret to inform you that no insurance policy covers this treatment. Rhinoplasties are not considered a medical emergency and are deemed a cosmetic need, which is why they do not have insurance coverage.

However, the only cases where you can request insurance to cover a nose job is when it’s an actual medical emergency. Following are some cases where you can get insurance to pay for your nose jobs:

  • If you suffer from severe trauma to the nose
  • If you run into a wall and break your nose
  • If blunt force dislocates your nose
  • If you have a deviated septum
  • If you are having trouble breathing properly

Take the Next Step:

GEtting an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty is no walk in the park. It requires a lot of research and money. If you are not prepared, it is best to save up and do research before getting into the process. Since most rhinoplasties are non-reversible, if you get a sloppy job done, you will be stuck with a horrible nose job for the rest of your life. To avoid all these troubles, we offer our clients free consultation appointments to help them understand the results and procedures in detail. So what is the hold-up? Sign up today and get a free session or call us now to book your free session with the best beauty doctors in the capital!