How much nose plastic surgery costs in Islamabad

Rhinoplasty in Islamabad amends the size and enhances the overall appearance of the nose and thus improves the physical appearance. Nose job is often done for aesthetic reasons, but this is not the only reason, as structural abnormalities and surgical requirements can also be the reasons for rhinoplasty. Nose plastic surgery in Islamabad addresses issues associated with the nose.

This nose is an important organ that plays an incredibly critical role in our lives. Learning about its roles and importance for our body will assist us in understanding its significance.  Its role in facial aesthetics and facial harmony is obvious. Further, it helps us in detection and breathing. Besides that, it traps dust and allergens and filters the air we inhale. Additionally, it adds depth and character to the sounds that we produce.

What is Nose Plastic Surgery in Islamabad?

It is a surgical procedure carried out to reshape the size and shape of the nose to address aesthetic, functional and structural abnormalities. This procedure can refine the nasal tip, narrow down the nostrils, and rectify the deviated spectrum of the nose. So, rhinoplasty not only addresses structural and functional issues but also improves the shape of the nose and facial harmony.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

The procedure involves increasing or decreasing the size and manipulation of the bone, tissue and cartilage to achieve the desired outcomes. In the start, local anaesthesia is administered to minimise the pain and discomfort. After that, the surgeon makes incisions based on the requirements of the surgery. Incisions can be made inside or outside the nostrils, called closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty, respectively. After that, the surgeon lifts the skin to reach the bone and cartilage in order to change the structure of the nose. Notably, the procedure may vary based on specific requirements. After completing the required procedure, the surgeon closes the incisions with the help of sutures.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

  • As the nose is a prominent and the most-noted organ of the body. A flaw in its symmetry can dismantle the lifestyle of an individual. Rhinoplasty not only eliminates negativity but also improves facial harmony as it allows the reshaping of the structure of the nose based on other facial features.
  • It also addresses functional issues related to the nose, like deviated spectrum and abnormalities causing breathing issues.
  • It also alleviates nasal obstruction that can occur because of enlarged turbinates or nasal valve collapse. By addressing this issue, rhinoplasty in Islamabad improves breathing and airflow.
  • Congenital abnormalities or defects because of injuries can also be treated through nose plastic surgery in Islamabad.
  • Defects or structural abnormalities can damage the self-esteem and confidence of an individual. Effective treatment will boost confidence, personality and overall appearance.
  • Structural or functional issues associated with the nose disrupt the quality of life. Rhinoplasty can make you more confident and comfortable with your facial appearance and resultantly improve your overall quality of life.

Side effects of Rhinoplasty

  • Swelling
  • Discomfort
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Scarring
  • Breathing Difficulties

The Cost of Nose Plastic Surgery in Islamabad

When it comes to the cost of rhinoplasty in Islamabad, the cost varies significantly because of various factors such as the extent of the surgery, the location of the clinic, the experience of a professional, aftercare treatment and available facilities, etc. Generally, the cost ranges from PKR to PKR.

Post-operative Measures

  • Following the surgeon’s instructions is a prerequisite to getting ideal results.
  • Only use recommended medications if you feel discomfort or swelling
  • Keep the treated area clean to avoid infection
  • Do not touch or pick the incision area, as it may cause pain and infection
  • Protect your nose from accidents for proper recovery
  • Recovery time might be lengthy. So, be patient and take care of your nose.

The Bottom Line

Rhinoplasty in Islamabad deals with aesthetics and functional issues associated with the nose. It improves the shape, size and contour of the nose, making it aligned with other facial aesthetics and this way, it improves the overall appearance and representation of the body. This minimally surgical procedure leads to several aesthetic and functional benefits.

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