Incredible Hair Loss Solution

There is nothing more attractive than having thick and luscious hair on head but unfortunately hair loss is the most common problem that takes toll on youthful appearance of many. It is usual to lose 50 to 100 strands a day but if you are noticing more hair strands on your pillow, in your comb or on the shower drain, you need to take it serious. You must be aware of Hair Loss Treatment in Islamabad medications and hair transplant surgery as hair loss solution but here we will discuss an incredible non-surgical treatment that is least invasive and as effective as hair transplant can be.

ACell hair loss therapy is the treatment that is considered the most effective and least invasive hair loss treatment till date. It is the latest advancement in hair loss treatments that carries numerous benefits. Here we will discuss what ACell is, how the procedure is carried out and how it’s beneficial.

What is ACell?

ACell is a proprietary product that is used in medicine and surgery for both humans and animals. ACell is basically growth factor that stimulates human body tissues and helps treat wounds caused by burn or trauma and certain other conditions. It is an incredible treatment that is in use for several years.


ACell therapy for hair loss

In the field of hair restoration, it is the latest treatment that is considered as effective as Hair Transplant in Islamabad can be. The treatment involves injecting ACell growth factors combined with PRP into the scalp. It is non-surgical treatment that does not involve the use of anesthesia, any side effects and downtime.


The procedure (زراعة الشعر في دبي)

ACell hair loss therapy is a simple yet incredible treatment. It starts with taking a blood sample from patient’s body. That blood sample is then centrifuged and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is separated from it. ACell growth factors are then added to the separated PRP. The mixture of both the substances is finally injected in the scalp with the help of tiny needles and gently massaged. The treatment requires multiple sessions depending on the degree of hair loss and gives amazing results.

If you are experiencing hair loss and seeking really effective solution to your problem that does not need going under the knife, ACell hair loss therapy is best solution for Hair Loss treatment.

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