Nose surgery in Islamabad

The central point of the face is Nose and it should be attractive with an accurate shape. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the accurate shape of your nose or any issues related to your nose then don’t be upset. Cosmetics surgeries have introduced an effective option for fixing the nose, known as Rhinoplasty. However, to know more about Nose Surgery in Islamabad, read this blog post that includes the procedure, results, benefits and cost of nose surgery.

What is Nose Surgery?

Nose surgery (also known as Rhinoplasty) is a surgical procedure that is used to perform for fixing different issues of the nose, including nose shape, size increasing/decreasing, alteration and to solve breathing problems. The surgery will be done under general anesthesia and performed by a professional plastic surgeon. It is recommended as a medical solution or for cosmetic changes. It is Suitable for all candidates who really want to make their facial appearance perfect.

How Does It work?

According to SKN cosmetics, it is necessary that the surgeon will examine your condition first which includes, your medical history, physical examination and ask your expectations.

On the surgery day, it will require general anesthesia for the complete sleep of the patient. The surgeon will make an incision and the surgeon will adjust the shape by making changes according to the expectations of the candidate. After that, the surgeon will close the incision with stitches and apply a bandage.

It is necessary to take good care of your treated area and follow the prescribed instructions of your surgeon. For example, do not blow your nose, use pain killers and antibiotics for prevention.

Is Nose-Job Good For Teenagers?

It is very important to understand that teenage is a stage where the features of the body are still in developing mode. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is not best for those young candidates who are still growing and if they get the surgery then it can change your shape again as well. So, the experts will never recommend this option to those candidates who are below 18. Better to ask your surgeon about the eligibility of the procedure.

Expect Results:

After getting nose surgery, the results will be effective, long-lasting and satisfying. Obviously, it is a surgery that requires a proper recovery period of at least 3 to 4 months. The outcome will start to observe when the swelling is subsiding. However, it will provide long-lasting and lifetime results so you will not require any other treatment for fixing your nose.

Benefits of Nose Surgery:

Generally, there are numerous benefits of having rhinoplasty. Some common benefits are listed down:

  • Long-lasting and dramatic results.
  • No major side effects.
  • Also, it can remove the hump on the nose.
  • It can fix your nose size, shape and angle.
  • Improves breathing issues.
  • Your confidence will boost up.

Is It a Permanent solution?

Yes, it is a permanent solution that provides long-lasting results. it should be performed by an expert and professional plastic surgeon so you will not require any further treatment for fixing the appearance of your nose.

Cost of Nose Treatment at SKN Cosmetics:

The average cost of Nose Surgery in Islamabad ranges between 70,000 PKR to 300,000 PKR. You should understand that nose surgery is a very delicate and sensitive surgery that cannot be performed at cheap rates. Somehow, there are a few factors that can affect your cost after considering, listed below:

  • The Experienced Surgeon’s fee.
  • Reputation and location of the clinic.
  • Type of Nose Surgery.
  • Anesthesia and medication charges.
  • Other Supporting Charges.

Additionally, if you need more information related to cost and procedure by considering your concerns then you can contact us or visit our clinic anytime. 

Final Thought!

Therefore, if you want to get your nose done by effective treatment then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics for getting amazing treatments of the nose like rhinoplasty. It will change your facial appearance and provide you with satisfying results in a reasonable cost range. We are here to give you a memorable experience!