PRP For Hair Treatment Success Rate in Islamabad

PRP or platelet-rich plasma has been used widely for different kinds of treatments. It has been used mainly to revive soft tissues, relieve pain and treat injuries. Overall, PRP injections have been shown to induce lesser hair thinning, and promoted hair growth in individuals who were given the therapy. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive way of treating this issue. Most of our patients at PRP injections for hair treatment need to know the PRP For Hair Treatment Success Rate in Islamabad.

Risks For PRP:

Let’s first mention any possible risks before talking about success rates. Are there any risks in PRP injection for hair treatment? Not at all! PRP consists of your own blood contents; your platelets, which tend to promote tissue growth, healing, and renewing of cells in the targeted area. 

Success Rate for PRP:

The success rate is highly dependent upon the patient themselves. By this, it is meant that things like their hair loss and its extent, genetic and biological factors, whether their hair loss is genetic or based on stress, etc. are all brought into account and affect the treatment’s efficacy. 

As hair growth itself is a slow process and takes months, there is a need to wait and observe the effects of PRP injections. There can be little results seen after the first injection, though it is after two to three treatments that patients really start to see a difference. As the technique applied is not permanent and these biological contents which are from your own body will wear away, you will need several touch-up treatments to maintain results. 

There is no exact consensus to tell how many patients have exactly seen a difference, but in PRP for hair treatment success rate in Islamabad, there is 70-90% betterment in results witnessed by our clients. It is most likely for the average patient to see results and be satisfied with them. There is a higher chance of this technique working in the younger population of the area than the older. As youngsters also face genetic hair loss, this could be a revolutionary procedure for them and change their lives. All of these things are better if discussed with the practitioner.

How to Make PRP Successful:

There are common factors that we have noticed, which reduce the effect of PRP in our patients. These factors include extensive hair loss – meaning that you have lost a lot of hair, and are close to balding, or are already bald. This could be due to it being long since you started losing hair, or due to medication or radiotherapy and chemotherapy. If you smoke a lot, there’s a higher chance that this treatment will also not work for you. 

Alone applied, this treatment might or might not yield results. Here are some ways that the treatment can be assured more successful: 

  • If they are combined with other treatments that also promote hair growth and scalp rejuvenation, they can prove to be more successful in the purpose. Products like Rogaine can help with these rejuvenation methods, especially if applied between the sessions.
  • Through screening – if patients are screened for platelets earlier on, it can be concluded whether they are eligible for the treatment itself or not. Some patients will have a lower platelet count than others, hence the treatment will not be suitable for them.
  • Consistency in getting it re-done – PRP treatments require more than one session, so if the patients are on time for every session after the first and do not miss any, there’s a higher chance that they will find the treatment to be successful.
  • Conjunction with other medications – it isn’t a standalone therapy, and can’t benefit by its own that easily. If combined with supplements and medications that promote hair growth, the results can be seen sooner than anticipated, and better.

It is found by limited research available to us, that PRP injections, with administered treatments along with them, turned out to show a reduction in the rate of patient’s hair loss. The results also showed increase in density of the hair, and the improvement was seen significantly. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist for better advice, as there could be several underlying reasons for your hair loss, and PRP is not a cure to those problems. PRP injections are a treatment for only promoting hair growth. 

What Hair Experts Say About PRP:

Some medical professionals believe PRP therapy to be hit-or-miss, while others and practitioners believe it depends upon individual factors and the application methods, timings, and condition of the patients. Each sitting for the treatment is devised after a specific gap between the sessions, these are all based on the possibility of achieving results within two to three months of treatment. It is wise to get a consultation from a professional beforehand if you are looking to get PRP injection. They can tell you better about your eligibility, and suitability for the treatment. 

People tend to get exhausted looking for the perfect treatment for their hair. They are asked to apply different kinds of oils and eat specific kinds of food, but to no good at the end. If you are tired of looking for solutions and are looking forward to finding a workable solution for your hair loss, PRP Injection for Hair Loss Success Rate in Islamabad is high and reliable. For hair loss treatment by trained professionals, and experienced practitioners, contact us