RF Fractional MicroNeedling the ideal combo


With the progression of age, skin issues tend to become more serious. Skin laxity is the most common problem faced by people in advanced age. It can make a person look weary, angry and tired. To get rid of this less than ideal situation, there are certain solutions that are available.

RF Fractional Micro-Needling is one of the treatments that can help in correcting these issues without much trouble. It is a nonsurgical treatment that works really well in a short period of time. The procedure is much loved all around the world and it’s no different here in the Islamabad.

Skincare facilities like SKN Cosmetic Surgery offer this treatment at their locations in Islamabad. We shall learn more about the treatment in the following lines.

What is RF Fractional Micro-Needling Treatment?

It is a treatment that combines Radio Frequency and Micro-Needling techniques to gain the maximum out of the two. They are used simultaneously to double up the effect. Radio Frequency Treatment as the name suggests works with radio waves.

On the other hand, Micro Needling works by injuring the skin with microneedles to allow the healing process to start and get the skin in better shape while also instigating the collagen production in the skin.

How does it work?

The device used for the treatment of deploys and retracts multiple microneedles in one quick motion. The microneedles can pierce as deep as 3.5 mm which allows tackling skin deep below as well. As the injuries heal, the new skin that forms is a lot healthier than before.

At the same time, radio waves are released for the purpose of improving the level of collagen in the skin. The treatment reaches deep into the skin and helps remove excess fat as well which makes the skin even smoother. The results are not instant and will take days even weeks to fully show up.

The two treatments help each other in improving the overall condition of the skin. This also reduces the number of sessions needed to achieve the intended results. There is very little discomfort from the treatment which can be countered by applying topical anesthetics or a cooling gel prior to the treatment.

Side effects and downtime

The treatment has very little side effects like redness and swelling which looks a bit like sunburn and can last for a few days before subsiding on its own. You can use icepacks to soothe the skin. In rare cases, discoloration of the skin can take place.

Photosensitivity will be developed so be ready to avoid the sun and use lots of sunscreens when you leave indoors. A hat also is a big help. As for the downtime, there is usually none though taking a rest can certainly help in quickening up the recovery. First-time treatment seekers can especially benefit from a day or two off.

Conditions treated by the combo

There are numerous treatments that can be corrected with the help of RF Fractional Micro Needling Treatment in Dubai. These include correcting Fine Lines and Wrinkles and serious skin sagginess. Hyperpigmentation issues caused by sun damage can also take care of by this treatment.

Scars of all kinds including acne scars can be removed with this treatment. It is also a good solution for stretch marks, whether new or old and can fully remove them in a few sessions.

So if you have any of the skin issues listed above and want to get rid of them, it is a great option to go for this combination treatment. You will surely love the results at the end of the day.