Rhinoplasty for Crooked Nose in Islamabad

To have a symmetrical and attractive face plays a major role in your facial appearance. The most prominent feature of the face is your nose but what if you have a crooked nose? It might feel awkward or make your face unbalanced with asymmetry in the face. Many people experience crookedness of nose due to several reasons like birth defects etc and want to straight it.

However, to correct twisted nose postures, there is a surgical procedure that is performed for various changes in the nose, known as Rhinoplasty. In this blog post, you will learn all about Rhinoplasty for Crooked Nose in Islamabad Pakistan including its working, results, benefits and cost. So, keep reading!

Best Treatment For Crooked Nose:

At SKN Cosmetics, to straight the crookedness of the nose is one of the challenging and difficult objectives of nose surgery. There are several reasons for having a misaligned nose like birth defaults, imbalance structure of the face, injury or accident or it may cause by severe infection. For recommending you effective treatment option, the plastic surgeon will make examine your full face structure, balance, proportion and how to correct the nasal function.

Rhinoplasty – it is performed for several reasons but the main two reasons for the surgery is cosmetics concerns and medical functional solution. Moreover, nose surgeries are divided into further types and to reshape your nose, Septoplasty is the best treatment. It will help to reshape the nose between nasal ways and make the nose appearance accurate and perfect.

How Does it Work?

According to our experts, the treatment of nose reshaping surgery will start from your initial consultation session where your plastic surgeon will examine your nose condition and recommend you a suitable option. In order to reshape your misaligned nose with rhinoplasty, the surgeon will perform it under general anesthesia. After that, the nose will be opened by incision and make correction inside the nose. Sometimes, the size may increase or decreased for repositioning. After adjustments, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures, place a bandage and shift you to the recovery room. The total duration of the procedure is 2 to 4 hours as it depends upon the condition of the client.

Final Results & Success Rate:

After getting nose reshaping surgery, the results will be effective, prominent and long-lasting. When the swelling subsides and after the healing process, the candidate will get satisfying results that will improve the shape and breathing passage of the nose. Its success rate is 95% and you will observe proper improvements with time. So, it would be best if you choose an experienced surgeon who performs your surgery accurately and recommended helpful aftercare guidelines.

Amazing Advantages:

Generally, there are a lot of benefits for that person who underwent nose reshaping surgery. A few common benefits are mentioned below:

  • Straight and symmetrical shape.
  • Breathing issues improved.
  • Correction in related problems.
  • Increased or decreased nose size.
  • It will fix your nose bridge.
  • Safest treatment solution.
  • Boost up your self-confidence.
  • Enhance the quality of life.

The Cost:

Apparently, the cost of Rhinoplasty for Crooked Nose in Islamabad Pakistan ranges between 70,000 PKR to 300,000 PKR. Also, it is a sensitive and delicate surgery that cannot be performed at cheap prices. However, there are a few factors that can affect the cost; a few common factors are mentioned below:

  • Experienced surgeon’s fee.
  • The technique of rhinoplasty.
  • Location and reputation of the clinic.
  • Anesthesia and medicines fee.
  • Other supporting charges.

Further, if you are willing to know more information regarding its cost and impacting factors then contact us or visit our clinic anytime.

Is Nose Surgery Safe Option?

Yes! Of course, it is the safest surgery until it is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Somehow, there are a few minor risks that appear after the surgery like swelling, pain and infection but it will fade away soon if you take care of your treated area. Otherwise, it is a safe and successful treatment that provides a lot of benefits to your personality.

Final Words!

Therefore, these types of nose issues are common that can appear since birth, due to injury or accident and deviated septum. If you are willing to consider treatment for effectively fixing your nose problems then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics where you will get amazing treatment services and satisfying results. We are here to give you a natural-looking appearance and memorable experience.