Rhinoplasty Myths vs. Facts Separating Truth from Fiction

Rhinoplasty also known as nose surgery is a surgical procedure related to nose job that intends to correct nasal deformities and improve facial harmony, and self-confidence. Rhinoplasty in Islamabad seems to be escalating as it fulfills the aesthetic or cosmetic and physical needs of people. Unfortunately, some myths have been attached to this surgical procedure that needs to be separated to clear the doubts of the general masses.

A lot of false allegations surround rhinoplasty and based on that, people have started avoiding it despite its matchless advantages. As this surgical process offers many advantages, we need to spread positive words to build the confidence and trust of people in surgical procedures for rhinoplasty in Islamabad.

Myth: Rhinoplasty is only for aesthetic purposes.

Some people buy this statement and consider it a part of luxury or opulence and believe that this procedure is only for celebrities or media personnel. But this is not the complete truth or can be taken as one side of the coin. It is also performed for functional purposes. If someone has structural abnormalities or facing difficulties in breathing or observing a nasal valve collapse then rhinoplasty can resolve the stated or attached issues. The truth is, its structural functions outperform its cosmetic functions.

Myth: Rhinoplasty is only for women.

It is a surgical procedure and is performed for aesthetic concerns or to correct structural abnormalities. This process is not gender-specific and everyone including men and women may cultivate equal advantages after undergoing the treatment. So, it is for everyone and every individual can meet the aspired results without any gender-based subjectivity. That’s why it is suggested to ignore such false treatment and get your rhinoplasty in Islamabad.

Myth: The cost of surgery is unbearable

People often think its cost is incredibly high and unbearable to many. Well! This does not serve the truth. Firstly, the cost is not stringent and varies from procedure to procedure and secondly, given its outcomes, its cost is relatively affordable as compared to other surgical procedures. Everything has a cost in this worldly life and the cost is determined based on the demand and the benefits it brings to the table. So, given its utility, its cost is relatively affordable.

Myth: Any surgeon can perform this procedure

When it comes to health and body, we must not compromise on standards and generality. Though any surgeon can do this job but we should always consider a specialist because his expertise and methods will definitely lead to the best results. We should not overlook the nuanced difference between a general surgeon and a specialist. As it is a delicate procedure, it must be done by a highly-qualified professional.

Myth: It is a risky surgery

Given the involvement of our nasal cavity, it appears to be a highly sophisticated and dangerous surgical process. Of course, we should consider this factor because it is related to our body and health. But like other surgical practices, it is also a surgery. The risk factor exists but is relatively less and can be managed through thorough discussion sessions.

Myth: Rhinoplasty is a painful surgery and takes a long time to recover.

Advancements in medical science have made this surgical procedure quite feasible and comfortable for patients. The patient is kept unconscious during the entire process, limiting or somehow vanishing the associated pain. Later on, in the following days, the patient may feel some discomfort or swelling but proper medication is available to manage the pain. So, this myth also has no valid point.

Myth: Rhinoplasty leaves scars:

Mostly, the cuts and incisions made during the procedure are properly stitched, leaving little room for scars. Usually, two techniques are involved in this procedure. One is open and the other is closed rhinoplasty. In open rhinoplasty, though a few scars are visible but they do not take much time to heal. On the other hand, closed rhinoplasty does not leave any scars on the surface as it is an internal procedure.

Considering the discussed myths, truths and validating factors, it can easily be concluded that rhinoplasty cannot be based on these myths because they hold no validity. Further, all these discussed factors accentuate that this is a normal surgical procedure that requires proper consultation and post-surgery care. There is no doubt that there are a few complications but all of those can be managed with due consideration.

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