Doctor Treats Balding in Islamabad

Are you looking for doctors who are the best in their field and treat hair fall problems? Well, you’re in luck! SKN Cosmetics Surgery Clinic in Islamabad has one of the best doctors and surgeons in the capital that will help you regain your lost hair and your lost confidence! There are numerous people who claim to help you restore your hair and will also charge a hefty amount of money for it. Unfortunately, these doctors do not hold the right qualifications or the proper experience to deal with each individual type of hair fall patient. So what does it take to treat hair fall and not have it fall out again? What kind of doctor treats balding in Islamabad, Pakistan? All your questions will be answered in this blog!

What Kind of Doctor Treats Balding in Islamabad, Pakistan?

Right now there are two types of doctors that are qualified and licensed to give you advice and offer treatment options to help you regain your lost hair and confidence. These doctors are known as:


These doctors have the license and are qualified enough to pinpoint any problems in the body that are leading to hair fall. These doctors specialize in dealing with hormonal imbalances, endocrine systems, and disorders that are caused when there is a hormonal imbalance in the body. The imbalanced hormones in the body can cause hair loss and balding in both men and women, so it is very common for an endocrinologist to treat patients who are suffering from thin hair, bald spots, and hair fall. Unfortunately, they can only prescribe medication and pills


These licensed physicians deal in specialized care for your skin, as well as your hair. Dermatologists are the most qualified physicians who can diagnose the root cause of your why you are shedding hair and can also treat your balding with transplant surgeries.

Who can Treat Balding in Islamabad?

Now that you know What Kind of Doctor Treats Balding in Islamabad, Pakistan, who can treat balding in Islamabad is what we should discuss next SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers the best and most highly qualified doctors in the city that will ensure that you have the best experience ever. They are:

1.    Naveed Azhar

He is well known among his peers and has over 10 years of expertise in the field of cosmetology. He has vast experience in performing minor surgical procedures and his expertise allows him to perform the best hair transplants in the capital. He has precision and years of experience, letting him handle all sorts of hair transplant complications and ensuring that his patients go home satisfied and happy. He is a renowned name in the cosmetic industry and got this practicing license from Punjab Medical College in Faisalabad

     2.  Abida Sardar:

Another name known throughout the cosmetic industry is Dr. Abida Sardar. She excels in PRP Treatments for hair loss and practices cosmetic medicine in Dubai and Islamabad. She has over 17 years of experience in the industry and is thriving to learn more to help people with baldness recover their lost confidence. She believes in providing her patients with the most realistic results that are natural and aesthetically pleasing.

What Causes Balding or Hair Fall?

There are a number of reasons why your hair can start falling out all of a sudden. Although most of the time it can be very easy to restore the hair, there are often serious cases where the balding gets so bad that it cannot be restored through conventional means no matter what. However, there are different reasons why men or women suffer hair loss. They are as follows:

1. Men

Most men lose their hair in their mid-forties or their late 60s. Unfortunately, there are some cases where men can lose their hair even in their twenties. The reasons why they lose their hair are as follows

  • Stress due to work or life conditions
  • Chronic illnesses such as cancer or diabetes
  • Side effects from medication
  • Radiation therapy side effects can also make you lose hair
  • Genetics inherited from the family can also cause baldness
  • Auto-immune diseases such as alopecia

2. Women

Not every woman loses her hair in her lifetime, in fact, there is only a small percentage of women who go completely bald or even partially bald. Although most men and women lose hair for the same reasons, the following are some particular reasons why women lose hair:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Bodily and hormonal changes during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Hormonal changes during menopause and puberty
  • Tight buns or ponytails
  • Daily ironing or curling
  • Old age

What is the Treatment for Balding?

Although most hair restoration methods work pretty well for people who lose small or tiny amounts of hair, proper balding can only be cured via two methods. These methods are PRP Injections and Hair transplants. Both of these methods are used to treat hair loss and bald spots in both men and men


PRP Injections are made up of plasma rich in platelets that are used to activate the body’s natural reaction to healing and this helps in the growth of hair on the scalp. This is a time-consuming method and is the more affordable option.


Getting a hair transplant is one of the most effective methods to regaining all your fallen hair. This method is more expensive and can take a long time to recover. However, this is the better option as the results are more realistic and can be easily attained in a shorter time period.

What’s the Next Step?

If you are continuously losing your precious hair and have no idea what to do, then Dr. Abida and Dr. Naveed are here to save your day and your hair! Sign up today and get a free consultation with our doctors and feel like a brand new person in no time!