Why My Hair Transplant Doesn’t Look Natural? | Hair loss

Human hair grafting is a common way to fix hair loss. Moreover, it makes your hair look natural. However, some people may find that the results of their hair transplant do not look realistic or are not as good as they thought they would be. Furthermore, a success rate of about 90–95% means that hair grafts are usually safe and work well. However, there is a small chance that you may not be happy with your hair replacement. Therefore, some people have questioned Why My Hair Transplant Doesn’t Look Natural. Moreover, thanks to modern medicine, there are ways to fix a hair transplant that does not work out enough.

Why My Hair Transplant Doesn’t Look Natural?

The answer to Why My Hair Transplant Doesn’t Look Natural is discussed below. Therefore, you can find your unique cause. 

Poor Hairline Design:

A bad hairline design is one of the main reasons why hair transplants do not look realistic. Some people can tell that someone has had a graft if the hairline is too straight, too short, or does not look normal. A normal hairline should have bumps, changes in density, and a smooth passage from the face to the hair.

Wrong Graft Placement:

Wrong graft placement is another thing that can make the appearance look odd. Placing grafts too close together, too far apart, or not in the right direction can cause hair cells to grow in an odd way. To get a natural-looking forehead and general appearance, it is important to place the grafts correctly.

Not Enough Hair Density:

Some people may not be happy with the results of their hair transplant because they do not have enough hair density. If the transferred hair is thin or does not cover the bald spots well enough, it can make the person look strange. Getting the right amount of hair density usually takes more than one graft session and a lot of planning.

Unnatural Hair Growth Pattern:

The direction and angle of hair growth are important parts of how a hair transplant looks generally. If the transferred hair grows in a way that does not look natural, it can make the person look less attractive overall. When putting grafts, skilled doctors look at the natural hair growth pattern and angle to make sure the new hair blends in perfectly with the old hair.

 Ways to Make Hair Transplants Look Natural:

There are certain ways to make your hair look natural after a transplant. Therefore, by following these guidelines, you can get natural results.

Choose an Experienced Surgeon:

To get results that look realistic, it is important to choose a skilled and experienced surgeon for a hair transplant. Therefore, SKN Cosmetics Islamabad offers hair transplants using the latest technology. Moreover, we have the best hair transplant surgeon in the town. They have a successful track record. Patient reviews and feedback show our surgeon’s professionalism and skills to make your hair transplant natural. Look for doctors who are experts in hair regrowth and have a history of good results.

The Best Way to Design Your Hairline:

Work closely with your therapist to create a hairline that looks natural and complements your face. A skilled surgeon will consider your age, race, and the trend of your hair loss to make a custom hairline that makes you look better.

Place the Grafts Correctly:

Give extra attention to placing the grafts so that the hair cells are spread out naturally. This could mean using both single-hair follicles and multi-hair follicles together to make the bulk and structure of the hair look like real hair.

Enough Hair Density:

Talk to your therapist about what you want in terms of hair density to make sure you set attainable goals. To get the amount of hair quantity and thickness you want, you may need more than one transplant session.

Final Thoughts:

Hair grafting can be a very good way to treat hair loss. However, to get results that look normal, you need to plan carefully. The first important step is consulting a skilled surgeon for the procedure. Moreover, be realistic about your goals. Understand and address the most common reasons why transplants do not look natural. Additionally, following the suggested solutions can help people get better results and feel better about how they look.

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