Hair Transplant Surgery in Isamabad Pakistan

A few decades ago men would be publicly mocked and made into a laughing stock if they suggested the idea of getting a transplant. The norm back in the day was to just wear a wig and expect people to not notice. However, people did notice and made fun of such men, forcing them to them or wear caps or hats all the time. This situation was faced by the younger audiences; men and women in their mid-thirties or early forties.

Luckily enough for the balding individuals of this era, Hair Transplants are encouraged. There have been certain advancements made in the dermatologist industry that will ensure the 100% revival of your fallen hair. But the question is, Which Hair Transplant Surgery Is Best in Islamabad, Pakistan?

What Triggers Hair Fall?

Hair loss in Islamabad can be caused to many underlining or prominent factors, and each individual has a different reason for losing their hair. Some common factors include:

  1. Extreme stress
  2. Tight ponytails or buns
  3. Dying your hair very frequently
  4. Harsh chemicals such as bleaching agents
  5. Family genetics
  6. Chronic diseases such as cancer
  7. Radiation therapy such as chemo
  8. Medicines
  9. Autoimmune diseases like alopecia

Types of Hair Transplant Surgeries in Islamabad:

There are two types of hair transplant surgeries in Islamabad. They are FUE and FUT; Follicle Unit Extraction and Follicle Unit Transplant. Both of these surgeries have the same procedural pattern, which is to transplant healthy hair to bald spots. Other details are discussed below


Follicle Unit Extraction is the technique where the doctor will extract each strand of hair from the donor site and plant them one by one in the transplant area. You should know that not all transplants are performed on the scalp. There is a good majority of people who get transplants for their facial hair too. And facial hair transplants follow the same procedure.


The Follicle Unit Transplant is also known as the Strip Transplant as it involves removing an entire strip of hair from the scalp. After this step, the doctor will very carefully extract the follicles and transfer them to the receiver area. This option requires the doctor to be highly skilled and takes up more time to perform.

Which Hair Transplant Surgery Is Best in Islamabad, Pakistan?

The Best Hair Transplant Surgery in Islamabad, Pakistan is the FUE method. One of the main reasons why this option is considered the best hair restoration technique is because it leaves no prominent scarring behind. This characteristic makes the FUE technique very popular among the masses.

What Makes FUE the Best Hair Transplant Surgery?

Other than not leaving behind any scars, there are several other characteristics of this procedure that make it the most popular hair revival method in Islamabad:

1)    Shorter Recovery Period:

This is the second most important feature of this transplant. The shorter time needed to recover from this transplant makes it the more viable option among individuals.

2)     Easily Hidable Scars:

Since the scars aren’t prominent, they can easily be hidden by growing out your hair.

3)    Affordability:

This option is also the more affordable of the two. Since it does not require decades of expertise to perform, it is cheaper than getting a FUT.

4)    Less Operating Time:

Another feature to note is that this procedure takes less time to perform, only about an hour or so.

5)    Less Painful:

Lastly, this procedure is less painful and only requires local anesthesia to perform. This option also doesn’t need any sutures to close the extraction wounds.

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