Which Rhinoplasty is Better, Open or Closed

A rhinoplasty is a facial reconstruction surgery that involves reshaping, reforming, and reconstructing the nose to what the patient desires. This surgery involves making an incision on the tip of the patient’s nose, the tissue in that area is then reshaped, and the nose is stitched back. There are two types of this nose reconstruction procedures; open and closed. But the most confusing question regarding this procedure is Which rhinoplasty is better, open or closed?

Open Rhinoplasty:

In open rhinoplasty, commonly known as external rhinoplasty nose reshaping, two minor incisions are made on the columella, tissue that divides the nasal opening. This approach provides simple access to the inner bone structure while the patient is under general sedation. The fundamental advantage of this procedure is better precision in redesigning the nasal system to achieve optimal contouring. This procedure is also used when patients want a revision nose job, as the original nose structure has been altered already.

The surgeon may also employ the open approach if the patient has a crooked nose or if a significant reduction in nasal tip is desired.


  • This procedure allows the surgeon to measure and adequately analyze the nose’s anatomy. Our specialists spend a reasonable amount of time examining the anatomy of the patient’s nose to perform an accurate surgery. This option also lets the surgeon see any abnormalities or asymmetry in the nose that are not visible with an external checkup.
  • Aside from being able to observe the structure of the nose more clearly, the open surgery option lets the surgeon be more accurate. Since the nose is a prominent and fragile structure, the more precise the procedure, the better it is.
  • Lastly, this option allows the surgeon to place the cartilage craft more precisely in the nose. This graft gives long-lasting support and form to the nose, and if it’s set in the wrong position, the patient’s nose will be crocked.


There are no disadvantages to getting an open surgery, but some patients opt out due to the swelling. The swelling does not cause any visible scars and only lasts a few days.

Closed Rhinoplasty:

This procedure is also known as endonasal rhinoplasty and is accomplished by concealing all required incisions inside the nostrils. The specialist will execute the surgery under light sedation and make a  surgical hole in each nostril. The closed approach is less intrusive and leaves no apparent scars because there are no external incisions. The absence of the columellar suture results in somewhat reduced swelling after the surgery. Most surgeons can get the same outcomes with a closed approach as they can with an open approach.


  • The main advantage of this option is the reduced post-surgery swelling. Since the incision is not external, the swelling is minor as compared to getting an open rhinoplastic operation. Most socialites opt for this option as the recovery time period is also less.
  • This option is also a good option for individuals who require minimal work done on their noses.


This procedure is only a good option for patients who are looking to get minimal work done on their noses with reduced swelling; however, if you are looking to get more complex work done on your nose, it’s best to opt for an open nose job.

Which procedure is the best for you?

So the question is Which Rhinoplasty is Better, Open or Closed? The only difference between these two methods is little, but the outcomes are significant. The closed approach does not need a columellar incision for a speedier procedure and results in reduced swelling during the post-surgery period.

While an open rhinoplastic surgery provides more accuracy and precision for complex nose structures. This procedure is also great for modifying nasal structures in more complex situations.

In the end, it all depends on what you want. It is best to get a consultation beforehand with your surgeon to get a better understanding of which procedure would best cater to your needs,

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