Why is Dermapen in Islamabad an ideal option


There are many skin ills that can affect a person. In Islamabad, a lot of people get skin ills due to the nature of the environment. Some of these issues may appear at the early stages of the stay while others may take longer and have effects in the longer run.

In recent times, the arrival of nonsurgical Treatments has made it easier to treat skin problems. Some of these treatments have been conceived recently while others have been around for a long time and have been rebooted. Micro needling is one such treatment that comes in the latter category. Dermapen has revived the Treatment in recent years and it now works really well to treat many skin conditions.

Much like the rest of the world, Dermapen Treatment is a big hit here in Pakistan as well. Skincare facilities like Skn Cosmetic Surgery Clinic are offering it at all their locations in Islamabad. Let’s learn more about Dermapen Treatment in Islamabad.

What is micro needling?

It is a treatment that uses multiple Micro Needles that are released and retracted for the purpose of correcting skin issues. The treatment is quite effective in many skin ills.

How does Dermapen work?

The treatment deploys Multiple needles at a predetermined rate and a predetermined depth. In a fraction of a second, the Micro Needles are retracted. Micro injuries are caused and the healing process starts immediately. The speed at which the needling is done is imperative for achieving the desired effect.

This helps in forming new skin which is healthier and has the lesser appearance of the ills and also helps in boosting collagen which helps the skin in becoming firmer. The treatment only takes a few minutes. The final results from the Treatment take some time to show up and the skin continues to improve over a period of time.

Conditions it can treat

There are a number of conditions that can be treated with the help of Dermapen. These include getting rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles, the early signs of aging, Hyperpigmentation issues caused as a result of sun damage and Stretch Marks which usually are a result of Pregnancy.

Scarring caused by trauma, surgery, and acne all can be corrected with the help of Dermapen Treatment. Sagging skin can also be countered with the help of the Dermapen MicroNeedling in Islamabad technique and firmer and suppler, younger looking skin can be had.

Pain involved

There is a very little discomfort in the process which is very bearable. If you are sensitive to even the slightest of pain, you can benefit from topical anesthetics. These can be applied prior to the treatment to ensure that the area is numbed down.

Side effects and downtime

There are no serious side effects. There is redness on the skin which is similar to a sunburn. Some soreness may be felt after the treatment which can last for a day or two. If you feel discomfort, icepacks are an ideal way to counter it. In rare cases, some discoloration of the skin may take place.

The treatment is a lunchtime procedure and has no downtime associated with it. If you can, take a day or two off from work to ensure that you recover as quickly as possible. You can return to work soon after the completion of the treatment while exercising necessary caution.

Number of sessions needed

The treatment has to be repeated multiple times in order to get the desired outcome. The exact number of sessions needed is based on the given condition and its extent. The exact number of sessions needed can be determined by your doctor. In most cases, five to six sessions are enough to get the job done.