Best Cosmetics Surgery in Pakistan | cosmetic surgery

Each year, cosmetic surgery becomes increasingly popular; in Pakistan, about 60% of surgical procedures are performed. Cosmetic surgery is no longer just performed on women. Men are a part of the surge in procedures.

Celebrities are becoming more forthcoming and open about cosmetic surgery, which significantly impacts other people’s decisions to undergo similar treatment. In recent years, plastic surgery has gained enormous popularity among men and women, using numerous cosmetic operations to enhance certain aspects of the body and face.

In this post, you will learn about cosmetic surgery and the best cosmetic surgeries performed in Pakistan. So, keep reading to learn more details.

What is cosmetic surgery?

To alter your body appearance, cosmetic plastic surgery is performed. It could entail reshaping the body’s contour and shape and removing wrinkles or bald spots for some people. Others might select breast augmentation or varicose vein therapy. Men and women can choose from various cosmetic surgery operations to create an image that increases their self-assurance and comfort with their physical appearance.

The number of people choosing to undergo aesthetic plastic surgery continues to rise even though health insurance rarely pays for the costs of such treatments. Breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, tummy tucks, and facelifts are among the most popular cosmetic procedures. So, you need to consult the best plastic surgeon, and they will let you know about the suitability and best treatment.

Top cosmetic surgeries in Pakistan:

As mentioned above, there are several types of cosmetic treatments that are used to perform for giving you a completely new look. From head to toe, there are a few types of cosmetic surgeries that are ranked in Pakistan. The common surgeries with details are mentioned below

·Hair transplant

A hair transplant is a treatment where a specialist or plastic surgeon transplants hair to a bald spot on the head. Three types of methods are performed as a hair transplanting technique. These are Fue – where the hair grafts will be implanted individually, Fut – also known as the strip method that extracts a whole strip from the back side of the scalp and implants it; and the last one is Hybrid – which is a combination of fue or fut.

Typically, the surgeon moves hair from the head’s top or front to the head’s side or rear. Under local anesthetic, hair transplants often take place in a doctor’s office. The procedure will take 4 to 5 hours, depending on the number of hair grafts. The results will be seen after 3 to 4 months when the treated area will be healed properly and stays for a lifetime.


As one of the focus points of the face, the nose on a person’s face attracts a lot of attention. Many patients who want to enhance particular facial features choose nose jobs, also known as rhinoplasty, as their first choice in cosmetic surgery.

During the surgery, a trained surgeon reshapes the patient’s nose to either make it smaller overall or to enhance certain features of the nose to give it a more appealing appearance. A deviated septum operation, for example, can help certain patients with breathing problems after a nose job.

To perform a nose job surgery, a plastic surgeon must make cuts inside the patient’s nostrils and, in some circumstances, across the base of the nose. A plastic surgeon reshapes the interior cartilage and bone during the operation to produce an improved, attractive appearance.

· Liposuction

The cosmetic liposuction technique can help patients achieve their objective of a body transformation if they wish to have a smaller figure or improve the reshaping of a specific body area. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat from a patient’s specified body parts, including their legs, thighs, hips, buttocks, waist, arms, neck, and chin. Liposuction cosmetic surgery, however, is a way to improve a patient’s body shape rather than help them lose weight.

Tumescent and Ultrasonic-Assisted liposuction are the two types of procedures that help patients achieve a leaner and more sculpted appearance by removing extra body fat. For liposuction operations, tumescent is a common cosmetic surgery option. In this procedure, a plastic surgeon suctions the patient’s bodily fat using cannulas, a tiny, hollow metal device. In ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction, a surgeon inserts a cannula into a patient’s body to melt body fat, which is subsequently suctioned out of the patient’s body.

· Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation, a technique to improve a woman’s breasts, is another well-liked option for plastic surgery. Breast augmentation cosmetic surgery is popular among patients who want to enhance their breasts and achieve equal breast size.

Plastic surgeons may implant breast implants or transfer fat during a breast augmentation procedure to increase the size, improve the symmetry, and create a more aesthetically acceptable breast shape. A patient’s breast will feel and look different after receiving one of the two types of implants: silicone or saline.

In order to perform breast augmentation, an incision must be made along with several discretely placed scars on the patient’s breasts. The incision will be determined by the type of breast implant, the size of the augmentation, and the anatomies of the patient.


Gynecomastia, a prevalent condition many men feel the need to pursue, decreases the excessive quantity of breast tissue. Some gynecomastia patients enlarge their pectoral region due to heredity, steroid use, or marijuana use.

When a man develops breasts, cosmetic surgery frequently entails mastectomy or liposuction to remove the extra breast tissue. The surgical procedure known as liposuction removes fat from the breast but leaves the problems with the breast glands in place. An operation known as a mastectomy involves removing the breast gland tissue. The mastectomy procedure is less intrusive and frequently necessitates tiny incisions. The small scar from the incision has begun to fade with time.

· Abdominoplasty

Many people who notice that their waist and abdomen have been loose or flabby think about getting an abdominoplasty or stomach tuck to fix the problem. However, women with excess skin around their abdomens after giving birth make up a large portion of the patients who undergo an abdominoplasty.

Additionally, patients who have undergone severe weight loss are typically the ones who undergo this operation. Because it is not a weight loss procedure, this surgery is not recommended for people who need to have extra fat deposits around their belly removed.

All summed up!

Therefore, these are the common cosmetic surgeries in Pakistan that are used to perform for fixing several issues. They may take 3 to 4 months for the recovery period. But once you are recovered properly, you will get long-lasting and amazing results. So, consult a plastic surgeon if you want to enhance any feature of your body or face. Only experts can guide you accurately.