hymen repair surgery

All body organs are important for women but some are more important than the others. The vagina is one of those important body parts. As a matter of fact, it suffers from some critical issues from time to time. If you have got any issue, the vaginal rejuvenation in Islambad,Pakistana is here to solve it. This blog post focusses on the hymen repair surgery cost in Islamabad,Pakistan.

Hymen Repair Surgery

The virginity is important for all women and some of them regret after losing it. It is not possible to get the lost virginity back. How? Just take hymen repair surgery and you are a virgin again. It is a surgical and invasive procedure that repairs the hymen. It is a membrane that partially closes the opening of the vagina.
Hymen indicates whether a woman is virgin or not. It is a very thin membrane and women can lose virginity when the hymen breaks. What makes the hymen break? A woman loses virginity due to the following reasons;

  • By having tampons
  • By playing some sports.
  • By having sexual intercourse.
  • By penetrating anything else.
  • By growing up or reaching a particular age.
  • By doing activities that cause pressure such as riding a bike, horse, etc.
  • By having an injury such as falling on a sharp object in a pool, bathtub, or a water slide.

Reasons to Consider Hymen Repair

More and more women are seeking reconstruction of the hymen for a variety of reasons. The list below shows the famous reasons for taking this procedure;

  • Revirgination
  • Cultural rasosns
  • Religious reasons
  • Injury to the hymen
  • Psychological healing

Hymen Repair Surgery Cost

The cost of hymen repair surgery in Islamabad,Pakistan depends on various factors. That is why its cost is not fixed. The cost depends on the expertise of the surgeon, desired results, the current condition of the hymen, and the quality of the treatment facility. If you want to know the exact price of the surgery, please get in touch with our plastic surgeon by calling or filling the online form now.

When to Avoid Hymenoplasty?

It order to qualify as a good candidate for hymen repair surgery, the person has to fulfil the treatment requirements. Some notable ones are enlisted below;

  • During pregnancy.
  • During menstrual period.
  • When the environment is unhealthy.
  • When you are not mentally or physically ready.
  • If the person is suffering from any sexually transmitted disease.

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