Can Acne Scars be Removed Non-Surgically in Islamabad


Ask any teenager what they dread the most and acne is the most likely answer you will get. Acne is a phenomenon that affects the most during puberty. With raging hormonal levels, the acne breakouts are very frequent. Some people are affected more than others. It is important that Acne is never allowed to get out of control.

Chronic acne can result in scars being formed. Acne Scars are not only unsightly but also need to be treated in order to be removed. There are numerous clinical procedures that can be brought to use for this purpose.

Much like the rest of the world, Acne Scars Treatment in Islamabad is much sought after. Skincare facilities like Laser Skin Care offer a variety of these treatments at all their locations in the port city. Let’s learn more about them to better understand how they help a person regain his or her fantastic looks.

Fractional CO2

Fractional CO2 is one of the most advanced Laser Treatments available. It is a fractionated carbon dioxide laser which bores tiny holes in the skin to remove the damaged layer and help new skin to form in its place. The treatment also boosts the production of both collagen and elastin in the skin which are structural proteins that keep the skin supple and firm.

Generally, cooling gel or topical anesthetics are applied prior to the treatment to keep the pain away. Multiple sessions are needed to fully remove the scar(s). Side effects are not severe and in most cases, there is no downtime. The results are on par with surgical scar removal if not better with Fractional CO2 Islamabad.

Chemical Peels

These acidic solutions are applied to the skin to resurface it and allow healthier skin to form in place of damaged and scarred ones. Do keep in mind that the peels are effective for mild natured Acne Scars only. Generally, a few applications are needed and each time the skin improves with each session. Chemical peels also help in boosting collagen levels in the skin.

The side effects are usually minimal and there is little or no downtime. The number of applications depends on the strength of the peels. In most cases, local or topical anesthesia is administered to numb down any pain involved.


This treatment works by spraying tiny crystals on the damaged area of the skin with the help of a handheld device. The skin gets exfoliated as a result and the healing process begins. It helps healthier skin form on top and also boosts the collagen levels in the skin to further even it out.

Microdermabrasion is quite effective in removing Acne Scars though it needs to be repeated a few times for this purpose. Topical anesthetics are used to numb down the sensation of pain. Side effects are usually mild and there is no downtime with Microdermabrasion Islamabad.

Dermal Fillers

The fillers offer a solution for a limited time period but are highly effective. These are injections based on natural fat and collagen. They are injected right into the site of the scar to raise the appearance of the skin. Within a few days, the skin evens out and the appearance of the scar is either completely removed or significantly reduced.

The fillers may remain effective for several months after which they need to be administered again. There is no downtime with fillers and side effects are pretty nominal. Apart from the pinpricks, there is no discomfort during the treatment.