Hair Loss After Chemotherapy

An Overview!

Individuals are worried about the loss of hair in chemo and this is very upsetting for the candidates. Some patients observe pain and don’t observe any pain. This is variable from patient to patient. Unfortunately, people undergoing chemotherapy will lose all their hair as well. Some of the patients observe thicker hair grown after the therapy and most of the hair grew the same as before.

What Is Chemotherapy?

Why do individuals undergo Hair Loss After Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy which is given during the methodology of cancer, this is universally associated with total hair loss. Loss of hair is the temporary side effect of the therapy. Because of hair loss, 10 to 12 percent of candidates develop major depression. Hair fall is the most visible side effect of the therapy, it makes the candidate for cancer very much conscious, and it affects the acceptability in the society.

Why Does Chemo Cause Hair fall?

In the body of humans, most of the cells are divided using a technique called mitosis. Many chemo medicines work by interfering with mitosis. The outcome of the therapy could be loss of hair, a decrease in the formation of white blood cells, and inflammation of your digestive tract. The cells of disease will be killed and all the while, sadly, possibly cause going bald. Which is transitory.

What Should Be Done Pre-Treatment?

As per SKN Clinic, the dropping of hair is not controllable and is not able to be prevented. The individual must take the following steps to minimize the anxiety and frustration linked with the loss of hair. Below are the steps to be considered:

  • The individual should be gentle with your hair: The individual should avoid bleaching or coloring the hair. This will weaken the hair so be kind to your hair. Restrain from using devices that produce or give heat to your hair such as straightening iron or curling rods.
  • Trimming your hair ought to be thought of: Cutting your hair short will not be perceptible, as short hair gives a fuller look than long hair.

  • Plan to cover your head: If the individual is wondering about concealing their heads through false hair or stole to conceal the loss of hair.

What Should Be Done During The Treatment?

  • Throughout the Hair loss treatment continue to use gentle tools for your hair. Such as a soft bristle hairbrush and a gentle shampoo.
  • If the individual is feeling an itchy scalp then the scalp should be shaved to lessen the irritation.
  • Try not to get exposed to the sun or to the air that is cold. The candidate must cover the head and use a good prescribed sunscreen.

What Must Be Done After The Procedure?

Individuals suffering from Hair Loss After Chemotherapy should consider the suggestion of their specialist, which includes:

The new hair can be breakable and unguarded to be damaged which will be caused by the devices that produce heat and products used for styling. Restrain from coloring your hair and do not bleach them this could damage the new hair and will cause irritation to your scalp.

What Should The Individual Expect?

The hair fall will start from the second or third week after the beginning of the methodology. Gradually it could start to fall out, the individual will notice the hair fall on the pillow or while combing the hair, or even when the candidate is taking shower. The loss of hair will continue all over the procedure and maybe up to some period.

Timeline After Chemotherapy:

According to SKN Clinic, the below timeline shows what most individuals can expect to get after the therapy of chemo in weeks and in months:

3rd and 4thLight, Fuzzy hair
4th to 6thHair begins to grow thicker.
2nd to 3rdAn inch of hair might be grown.
4th to 6thTwo to three inches of hair may be grown.
12thFive to six inches will be grown enough to be styled and brushed.

The Bottom Line!

It can be upsetting to lose your hair but you should not be worried as this hair fall is temporary. If you want to attain the best and the most effective treatment then feel comfortable to consult our experts to have a remarkable and painless experience!