Is Islamabad good for FUT hair transplants?

Many people have been frustrated with hair loss for a long time. Traditional therapies for hair loss include hair re-growth gels, allopathic and homoeopathic medications, tonics, home remedies, and lotions. However, current studies reveal these treatments are ineffective. These solutions are transient. Hair transplants are not traumatic and do not require scalp anesthesia or pain medication. 

How can we grow permanent hair? 

Though the reasons for the loss may not have been altered since ancient days, hair transplant treatments have evolved greatly. A marvellous and much-evolved hair transplant procedure with the method of follicular unit transplantation (FUT) successfully brings back the lost hair. FUT hair transplant in Islamabad produces natural results without pain.

Follicular Unit Transplantation:

The “strip surgery,” which transplants a patient’s hair in natural clusters of one to four hairs, known as “follicular units,” is a kind of hair restoration. 

Follicles contain sebaceous glands, oil glands, nerves, a small muscle, and random fine vellus hairs. Due to these tiny units, follicular unit transplantation allows the surgeon to transplant hundreds of grafts in one session safely. This helps the surgeon maximize cosmetic results. 

A strip of a person’s hair follicles is transplanted on the scalp to develop hair in specified locations. Additionally, this strip is collected from hairy scalp areas. 

Who Can Get FUT?

Before choosing us for FUT surgery, you must meet these requirements: 

  • The strip removal method requires a flexible scalp. 
  • You are not losing hair quickly, or it has stopped. 
  • No chronic illness or condition impacts you. 
  • You can undergo FUT hair transplantation since you have enough donor hair on your scalp. 
  • You are not having chemotherapy or other major medical procedures. 

Goals of FUT Transplant: 

FUT hair transplants can achieve the following goals: 

  • You’ll get natural-looking permanent hair. 
  • Improve your physical and aesthetic beauty. 
  • No scars will remain following a hair transplant. 
  • Your FUE hair transplant will be painless. 
  • Get back your youthful appearance. 

Care Plan Before Surgery: 

You must follow your FUT hair transplant surgeon’s recommendations before the procedure. Here are the most important pre-surgical care components, in no particular order: 

  • Avoid blood-thinning drugs like aspirin a few weeks before surgery. 
  • Smoking should be avoided for a month before a FUT hair transplant. 
  • Fill your prescriptions ahead of time. 
  • After the FUT hair transplant, your friends or relatives should drive you home. 
  • Alcohol should be avoided for weeks before surgery. 

Steps For Transplant:

FUT hair transplant is invasive but can restore your hair in one session. It involves several crucial steps: 

  • Patients’ preferences determine whether doctors use general or local anesthesia to reduce pain and suffering during surgery. 
  • Donor hair is shaved and prepared. 
  • Designate the donor site before detaching the strip. 
  • Small, angled incisions are made during scalp surgery. This stage of surgery involves carefully inserting grafts into wounds. 

After Surgery Care: 

Post-surgical care following FUT hair transplantation is crucial. It includes these essential steps: 

  • Stop washing your scalp for three days. 
  • Touching your scalp too often is bad. 
  • Take painkillers regularly. 
  • Blood-thinning medicines should be avoided. 
  • Edema can be reduced using cold compressions. 
  • Apply every topical medication consistently. 
  • Islamabad offers PRP for hair loss. 

Follicular Unit Transplant Benefits:

As a typical approach for treating hair loss, FUT hair transplantation is still the most successful due to its advantages: 

Surgeons worldwide use follicular unit transplantation (FUT) to restore any hair type. Curly or wavy hair patients will succeed with hair oriented in the same direction and angle. 

In FUT surgery, a strip has hair and a lot of surrounding tissue, while a single follicular unit does not. Tissue layers around follicle units reduce their survival rate. 

It is commonly known that FUT hair transplants are the last resort for permanent and long-lasting hair loss solutions. This surgery will permanently grow hair in bald or thinning areas. 

How much does Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad?

Hair transplants cost in Islamabad, Pakistan starts from PKR 85,000. Patients should know that cost depends on several aspects, including choosing a qualified doctor. 

  • Medical facility location. 
  • Count of hair grafts needed for the surgery. 
  • Time and effort of the surgeon, plus donor hair. 
  • This area will get hair transplants. 
  • Technique for hair repair. 
  • Some extra fees. 

The decision is that this operation is only for thin hairs and has permanent results. 

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