How Buccal Fat Removal Can Give You the Celebrity Face

In Today’s world, the surgeries are becoming very common for celebrities, influencers and fashion industry like models etc. and if you ever observed any noticeable changings in them e.g. high cheekbones, perfect sharp jawbone and prominent face bones then a person probably know about the celebrity cheekbone treatment. The obvious question in the mind would be that “How Buccal Fat Removal Can Give You the Celebrity Face?

The treatment named buccal fat reduction is the most requested facial therapy, encouraged in large part by celebrities to have undergone the treatment themselves. A very simple procedure, by eliminating pads of fat in the middle cheek area.

A person can disclose a slim and contour feature just like Bella Hadid, her photos are more often searched for inspiration look.  So if a person who isn’t happy with round shape face can go for this treatment. SKN cosmetic is offering the impressive treatment of buccal fat removal is a reasonable process.

Good Candidates:

This treatment is dreamy for all types of candidates. Every other person needs to look like a celebrity and famous influencers so do not wait and come to us. Our expert practitioner will guide if you’re a candidate or not. Some other candidates for this are:

  • You must be physically fit.
  • Healthy weight people.
  • People who have full and round face.
  • A person who has Pseudoherniation*.
  • Models related to the fashion industry.

*(a person who has a small round fat mass in the cheek cause of weak buccal fat pad on the face.)

 The Outcomes:

According to SKN Cosmetics, the process of fat reduction aims to correct the face shapes and enhance more definition on cheek area naturally of their clients to make them happy and satisfied to look like a celebrity. A candidate will notice the full results within the five to six weeks after the surgery. After the results, your question of “How Buccal Fat Removal Can Give You the Celebrity Face?” will convert into your achievement.


The main benefit is: it’s the safest treatment & proper way of eliminating fat from the face and its total period of the procedure is a few hours. Few more benefits are:

  • Enhances the cheekbones.
  • Fill definition to facial area.
  • Long-lasting results just in one session.
  • No scar will be visible.

The Procedure:

Before the treatment, it is necessary to talk with your doctor first. You should talk about your goals and expectations look, your medical condition, past surgeries if have any. After that, the doctor will decide a good approach for a candidate. These steps of treatment include:

  1. First, the candidate will be injected local anaesthesia on the site and it can’t feel any pain.
  2. The practitioner will slit the patient’s cheek and place some pressure on the outside of it.
  3. Then the extra fat will be cut and eliminate from it.
  4. And last, they will close the treated area with stitches.

After the treatment, the special mouthwash will be suggested to the patient for preventing any infection. A client needs to eat a liquid diet for a few days only. Full recovery will be shown in 2-3 weeks.

The Cost Factors:

The process of fat reduction may cost up to more or less depend upon some points:

  • The practitioner’s expertise and experiences.
  • Location and area of the clinic.
  • The prescription medications.
  • Quality and environment.


To discover an impressive celebrity look, feel free to consult about Buccal Fat Removal. We will convert your dreamy look into reality!