How does the laser hair removal work


The human desire for physical perfection has no limits. Almost no one is ever completely satisfied with their appearance and wants to improve some aspect of their personality. With the advancements in cosmetic procedures in recent years, getting the perfect body has become a lot easier than it was ever before.

Getting rid of unwanted hair has always been a priority for beauty seekers. Now with laser hair removal, getting rid of hair from the body has become extremely easy.

In the following lines, we shall learn about how laser hair removal works and the various aspects of the treatment.

Mechanism of work

The mechanism of work is based on a laser that is used to get rid of body hair. The laser is set at specific wavelengths to target the dark matter, the melanin, in the follicle. It works on the principle of inhibiting the ability of the follicle to regrow hair.

As the laser targets the follicles, it heats them up and starts destroying their ability to regrow hair. Since the laser is set for targeting the dark matter, the area of the skin nearby is not affected by the laser.

The first session can stop up to 20% of the follicles from reproducing. Generally, six to seven sessions are enough to get rid of the hair. This number can go up or down depending on the area that is being covered.

Is everyone a candidate for laser hair removal?  

Most people are good candidates for Laser hair removal in Islamabad. However, people whose skin shade is darker than their hair may not have the same level of usefulness from the treatment. Those who have recently tanned their body or have waxed or plucked hair out should wait for a while as well.

Women that are pregnant may become pregnant or are nursing a baby should not get laser hair removal. Even though there is no evidence of any ill effects of the treatment on the health or the mother or the baby, not enough studies have been conducted to get a definitive verdict on the matter.

Does it hurt?

It is often believed that laser hair removal is extremely painful. However, this perception is incorrect. In order to numb down any sensation of pain, cooling gel is applied to the treated area prior to the start of the session. Cool air is also blown during the procedure to ensure that the person does not feel heat or pain. The most pain that is felt is similar to the snapping of a light rubber band against the skin.

Side effects and downtime

Most side effects are limited to swelling, redness, and itching in the treated area. In rare cases. Bruising of the skin at the treated area can take place. This bruising is temporary and goes away on its own. Photosensitivity is developed for a few days so be sure to wear sunscreen and a large hat when going outdoors during day hours.

There is generally no downtime after the treatment and a person can continue his or her daily routines. Check with your doctor for any exceptions. In some cases, you may need to rest for a day or two.

Nature of results

The results of the treatment are permanent and once the initial sessions are completed, only touchup sessions once a year a needed. Some follicles during the initial treatment may not be taken care of due to being in the resting phase. These touchup sessions can easily take care of them.