How Much Does Prp Treatment for Knees Cost in Islamabad, Pakistan?

Are you having knee problems and are facing hardship while moving? Have you tried and tested every therapy but have yet to benefit? PRP treatment is for you. SKN Clinic Islamabad offers this treatment. Moreover, it is a medical process in which a patient’s blood is used to heal knees and eliminate pain. Furthermore, it can help to relieve all types of knee pain, especially osteoarthritis.

Additionally, it is a non-surgical process. Moreover, if you want to go for this, you will want to know how much PRP treatment for knees cost in Islamabad, Pakistan. Therefore, we have gathered information in this blog to help you understand it.

What is the Process of PRP Treatment?

Generally, PRP treatment for knees includes taking a small amount of blood from the patient. After that, through processing, the doctor concentrates the platelets. Moreover, the specialist doctor inserts the protein into the knee joint. Additionally, platelets have growth factors that help tissues heal and reduce swelling.

Moreover, this platelets-rich plasma stimulates growth factors in the knee to develop. Further, it helps in eliminating the pain in the knee. Furthermore, PRP treats knee problems. Therefore, patients feel less pain and can do better after the treatment. People think of it as a less invasive choice than surgery.

What Does PRP For Knees Do?

  • The doctor will first take a small amount of blood from your arm.
  • Next, he will put the blood sample into a centrifuge to separate the parts and get a concentrated platelet-plasma mixture.
  • Further, the doctor will numb the area around your knee and inject the PRP into the knee joint. He could use ultrasound to watch over the shot.
  • You can go home after taking some time to rest. You will need to bring someone with you who can drive you home after the process because the shot may make you feel a little sore and painful.

Consult with an Expert Surgeon

PRP injections for knees in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Pakistan are a new treatment. Moreover, only a certified surgeon suggests it after viewing the knee condition. If you have knee osteoarthritis, consult an expert surgeon at SKN Clinic Islamabad for expert advice. Moreover, your doctor will recommend you go for PRP treatment for your knee if they think it is better for you. However, you are advised to take the time to talk to your doctor about PRP therapy in detail before you start it.

How Much Does Prp Treatment for Knees Cost in Islamabad, Pakistan?

If you are searching for how much PRP treatment for knees costs in Islamabad, Pakistan, you should consult a doctor. Generally,the cost of PRP treatment for knees is Rs 20,000 per session.  Your surgeon, at the time of the first consultation, will tell you the exact cost of the treatment. Moreover, the cost depends on the severity of the pain and what kind of treatment you require. The surgeon’s qualification and clinic facilities also determine the price.

Recovery and Aftercare

  • During the first three days, you should put ice on your knee for at least 20 minutes every day for two to three hours. You may also be given painkillers.
  • Please stay away from painkillers like ibuprofen because they might stop PRP from working.
  • Rest a lot and stay away from hard tasks.
  • You should use crutches for a few days to keep your knee from hurting.
  • Do what your doctor tells you, and make sure you keep your follow-up visits.

How Many PRP Treatments Will Work?

Different people react differently to PRP treatment. People usually need anywhere from two to five shots every four to six weeks. You can get as many PRP treatments as you want. Since there are no drugs, that risk does not matter.

Who Should Not Get PRP Therapy?

People who are currently sick with cancer or an infection should not get PRP treatments. On the advice of their doctor, people who have been cured of cancer may be able to get them. People who are taking anticoagulant drugs should stop three to five days before the procedure.

Final Thoughts

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections for knees in Islamabad, Pakistan, are a slightly invasive way to treat osteoarthritis in the knee joint by a doctor. However, it is a very helpful therapy that can minimize and even eliminate pain.

Consult with SKN Clinic Islamabad for Prp Knee Treatment in Islamabad. s