Lip reduction price in islamabad

Cheiloplasty in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure performed to improve the contour and produce proportionate lips. People do not like the the disproportionate or uneven appearance of their lips and feel conscious about their plumper and thick lips. Given modern trends and aesthetic requirements, every aspect of the facial profile plays a key role. Nowadays, it is possible to address these irregularities. You can now deal with unnatural look and achieve your desired shape and contour of your lips. Read on to know the lip reduction price in Islamabad. 

What Is This Treatment?

Lip reduction is a cosmetic procedure that has been specifically designed to normalise the shape, appearance, features and contour of the lips. This procedure aims to address cosmetic concerns, add to your facial aesthetics, and make you look more charming and attractive. During this procedure, a surgeon makes horizontal incisions, removes excess fat and tissues, addresses imbalances, and produces a proper shape that resonates with other facial features.

Benefits Of This Treatment:

  • Eliminates the element of self-consciousness associated with imbalanced lips
  • Removes excess fat and tissues and produces a contoured shape
  • Leads to facial harmony and makes an individual self-assured
  • Improves functions related to eating and speaking
  • Results are lasting because excess fat or tissues are removed 
  • Improves a person’s facial profile and boosts their confidence.

Procedure Objective:

Many people do not like large or unbalanced lips. It may lead to aesthetic concerns. Lip reduction in Islamabad is recommended to address this specific cosmetic concern and achieve contoured, proportionate, and properly aligned lips. In short, its objective is to reduce the size of the lips and make them proportionate with other facial features.

How Much Lip Reduction Price in Islamabad?

The lip reduction Price in Islamabad starts at 60,000 PKR. You may find variations in the price. It depends on numerous factors that are commonly called cost-determining factors. These factors include but are not limited to the complexity of the issue, the scope of the procedure, the clinic’s location and reputation and the expertise of a surgeon.

You should get an idea about its estimated cost before going for the procedure. In order to do so, consult with a professional. An expert at SKN Cosmetics will inform you about the estimated cost and ensure that you are a suitable candidate for this technique.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate?

  • People born with imbalance or overly large lips
  • Individuals unsatisfied with the shape and size 
  • Candidates want to get contoured and proportionate lips
  • People aim to improve facial aesthetics
  • Individuals intend to address functional and cosmetic concerns
  • Candidates are good in health and have realistic expectations

Side Effects:

  • Inflammation
  • Scarring
  • Bruising
  • Allergic Reaction

Like other surgical interventions, it also involves some risk factors. Generally, these effects are temporary in nature and do not last for an extended period. They subside in a matter of a few days. If you have any problems, inform your practitioner for proper treatment.

Bottom Line:

Lip reduction in Islamabad is a surgical method of achieving proportionate, balanced, and properly aligned lips. During this procedure, an expert removes excess fat and skin and produces coherence among facial features, addressing aesthetic concerns and adding grace and elegance. The cost of lip reduction surgery in Islamabad is 60,000 PKR. Its price can vary from person to person based on his/her specific requirements and the extent of the procedure.

Seek Advice From Experts:

Schedule your appointment at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad to treat your cosmetic and aesthetic problems. We offer personalised treatments and allow our patients to see their desired results. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and let us enhance the charm and elegance of your facial profile and personality!


Is lip reduction a permanent solution?

Yes. It is. During lip reduction in Islamabad, a surgeon extracts excess fat and tissues from lips,  improves their shape and appearance, and creates facial harmony.

What factors influence the cost of lip reduction in Islamabad?

Several factors can influence the cost of this specific procedure. These factors include, but are not limited to the complexity of the issue, the scope or extent of the procedure, the clinic’s location and reputation, available facilities and the expertise of a professional.

Who is the best surgeon for lip reduction in Islamabad?

Dr Naveed Azhar is one of the best surgeons for lip reduction in Islamabad. His expertise, success ratio, communication skills and extensive fieldwork make him one of the best surgeons for lip reduction.