Microneedling with PRP Price in Islamabad

Having flawless and perfect skin is necessary for both women and men nowadays. If you have perfect and young skin then you will be considered a beautiful and attractive personality. There are a lot of treatments that are used to perform anti-ageing solution, SKN cosmetic has a variety of such treatments and recommend according to the condition of the candidate’s skin. 

There’s a treatment that combines with another effective treatment is PRP with Microneedling. A perfect combination of skincare treatment that is performed for renewing the appearance and get rid of damaged skin, wrinkles and other issues. This blog post will cover the information about  Microneedling With PRP Price in Islamabad Pakistan, its procedure and results with benefits. 


According to SKN cosmetics, it is a combined procedure performed for achieving the perfect skin in a single process. Micro-needling is the process that is performed by using tiny needles and PRP is a process known as Platelet-rich plasma that is generated by your own blood and injected on your skin which gives a boost and betterment to your skin respectively. This combo will help to obtain youthful-looking skin with smoothness and glowing. 

The goals of performing this combo are to enlarged pores, make the skin pimple-free, alternative for sun-damaged skin removes wrinkles and fine lines etc. 

Combination of PRP & Microneedling Procedure:

The procedure is done by our experienced dermatologists who are performing such treatments successfully for the past few years. Both processes are done under local anaesthesia or numbing cream. For micro-needling, a handheld device that contains tiny needles is used during the process. The device will move around the surface that will create tiny incisions and speed up the recovery period. Whereas PRP is performed by taking out your blood and after the centrifuge process the plasma will be separated from red blood cells and it will be injected into the skin. 

The total duration of the procedure will be one hour or it will depend on how much you require the process. An undergoing candidate may feel swelling or redness on the face after the procedure but it is nothing to worry about because these minor effects fade away after few days. 

The Outcomes:

The combination of the PRP and micro-needling procedure will provide glowing and natural-looking skin as in outcomes. This combo will cure all the issues and problems of your skin. After the procedure, you will observe the instant difference in your skin and obtained young skin. The before and after photos may take before the procedure and you will compare the difference. The results will be long lasting and you want to make your skin flawless then you may require multiple session after every 5 to 7 months. 

About Cost:

For knowing the Microneedling With PRP Price in Islamabad Pakistan. This is a cosmetic-based treatment that most insurance companies don’t cover. Moreover, skin care treatments are very delicate and can only be performed by an expert dermatologist and reputable clinic. You will pay an amount for skin will worth it. 

Several Cost Factors:

After knowing the average price of this combined treatment, there are several factors that can affect the cost accordingly. These are mentioned below: 

  • The Expert Dermatologist Fee: Of course, you can’t trust an inexperienced practitioner for this sensitive matter. It is important to select an expert and certified dermatologist for your skin treatment. Choosing an expert dermatologist will affect your cost and it will be selected before the procedure. 
  • Location and Reputation of the Clinic: If you want to consider the best and effective treatment through a reputable and well-known clinic that is not nearby to you then you have to travel for it from one city to another city. Travelling expense will affect your cost of the treatment.  
  • Combination of this Treatment: Undergoing through a combo of several treatments can affect your cost. Many people who came from another city/country and desire to have certain treatments in a single day will affect the price. It will be discussed in consultation session and according to your health-wise.  
  • Anaesthesia and Medication: For making the procedure painless and comfortable, it may require local anaesthesia and avoiding pain or infection, the practitioner may prescribe you painkillers and antibiotics. This factor may affect your cost.   

All summed up, this combo is effective and gives long-lasting results with attractive, young and smooth skin at a reasonable cost. Further, if you want to know more about cost-related queries then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics for more details.