Lip enhancement is a common cosmetic procedure; both men and women crave fuller lips. But the percentage of women is more than the man for undergoing cosmetic procedures. There are different options available to get plumper lips. The treatment options depend on the desired results, either temporary or permanent. If you wish for a non-surgical and less painful way to get plumper lips, then non-surgical enhancement is best for you. If you want to know more about non-surgical lip enhancement in Islamabad, then read the following blog.

Benefits Of Lip Fillers:

The benefits of lip fillers are as follows:

  • It gives you plumper lips
  • Your lips become symmetrical
  • It corrects your lip outline
  • It also reduces fine lines around the lips
  • It also gives you natural results
  • It is a safe procedure
  • You can get voluminous lips
  • The effects of fillers can be reversed in case you do not like them

If you want all these benefits, go for non-surgical lip enhancement. At SKN we have the best surgeons and doctors to perform cosmetic procedures and will help you get your desired goals.

Who Can Get Lip Fillers?

Most women are seeking fuller lips. But it is important to fall into the candidacy criteria to get the fillers. You can get fillers if you do not have any oral infection. You should have realistic expectations about the results. And if you want to improve the asymmetrical lips and want plumper lips in no time, then lip filler is for you.

Different Types Of Lip Fillers:

The fillers are injected into the lower and upper lips to increase the volume of the lips. There are different types of lip fillers; the doctor will examine your lips and may take pictures to check the symmetry of the lips. He will make sure which part of the lips needs fillers and which part does not need any kind of fillers. The doctor will ask about your goals regarding non-surgical lip enhancement in Islamabad and determine which type of filler is suitable for you. Some types of fillers are as follows:

  • Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
  • Restylane
  • Juvederm
  • Collagen Lip Fillers
  • Silicone Lip Filler
  • Fat Transfer Lip injections

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Doctor:

Before choosing the doctor, it is necessary to ask certain questions related to the procedure of fillers and the expertise of the doctor. Some of the questions are as follows:

  • Experience of the doctor in performing fillers
  • Which type of filler will they use?
  • Time to recover after getting fillers
  • The side effects and complications after the procedure
  • Other options for lip augmentation
  • Results of the fillers

Procedure Of Lip Filler:

The dermatologist will start the treatment by applying a numbing cream to the lips. After 15 to 20 minutes, he will begin injecting the fillers when the lips become numb. You may feel a little pinching, but that is not painful. About 1ml of filler is injected in one session. The whole procedure will take less than an hour. And you will get plumper lips in no time.

After Care Instructions:

You will notice swelling after the fillers, but only for the first 48 hours. If the body’s natural healing ability is slow, it may take a week. You should take proper care and follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid complications. Some of the instructions are as follows:

  • Use an ice pack once a day for 5 minutes to reduce swelling
  • Avoid touching your lips unnecessarily.
  • Do not apply lipstick or any balm on the lips for 2 or 3 days.
  • Avoid puckering your lips
  • Brush your teeth carefully
  • Do not do strenuous exercise for one day.

If you want to recover in a few days, then it is important to follow all the above instructions.

How Long The Results Of Fillers Will Last?

You can see the results of fillers after a few days of the treatment. The effect will last for a few months to a year. The results also depend upon the patient’s age and the filler used. Young patients burn more calories, and their filler will break down. If you want long-lasting results from fillers, you will need more sessions.


The cost of non-surgical lip enhancement in Islamabad varies for everyone as it depends upon some factors. Such as:

  • Type of fillers
  • Condition of the lips
  • Doctor’s fees
  • Location of the clinic

The exact price of the filler will be determined after an initial consultation with the doctor. He will examine the condition of the lips and will tell you the actual cost. If you want to know more about the price, consult our team.

Final Thoughts!

If you are looking to get plumper and fuller lips, then you must get fillers. It is the least painful way to get beautifully shaped lips. Other surgical options are also available for permanent results. But it requires a long time to recover after that. Book an appointment now at SKN cosmetics and get the best experience.