6 Things to Know About Hair Transplant in Islamabad

Many people are facing hair loss issues and want to restore them. Conclusion: There are many treatments that are used to make your look effective and boost up your self-confidence. Hair transplantation is one of the ideal options for getting your natural growth for a lifetime. Making a decision for hair transplantation is big, and you have to be very serious about it.

In this blog post, we will discuss some essential instructions that are very necessary to know for that person who is planning to get a hair transplant in Islamabad. So, keep reading for 6 Things to Know About Hair Transplant in Islamabad in detail.

You Must Learn About Hair Transplantation:

The first step is to know about the treatment, what is hair transplant and what its purposes are for? So, it is a minimally invasive treatment that is performed by extracting hair follicles or grafts from the healthy donor side and transplant them into the patchy or bald areas. It will be performed under local anesthesia, so that is how the patient will not feel pain. The hair transplant treatment will be recommended on the basis of candidacy criteria, and that candidate should have a healthy and good donor side. It will take 2 to 8 hours because it depends on person to person that how much they require transplantation.

Two Methods of Hair Transplant:

According to experts, hair transplantation is performed by two techniques, first is FUT – which is known as the strip method, and will be performed as the hair specialist will extract a hair graft strip from the backside of the head and implant it on the bald area carefully. The other method is FUE – extracting individual hair grafts from the healthy donor site and place them on the patchy or bald areas.

Both methods are effective and work accurately, but FUE is more advanced as compare to FUT. In hair transplantation, scarring is a must, but in FUE, the scar will be hide because they are tiny cuts, and the strip method will leave a prominent scar on the backside of the head. So, if you want to hide it, then wait for your hair growth, or you can get transplanted hair for hiding the scar as well.

The Transplanted Hair Will Be Permanent:

As in result, the transplanted hair will be permanent and stays for a long-lasting period. If you get a hair transplant from the right hair specialist, then you will get excellent results for a lifetime. Still, if you choose an unprofessional person for the treatment, then the worst transplant will last forever, and you will feel embarrassed. So, it is essential to choose a board-certified and professional surgeon for your treatment because it is a permanent solution.

About Transplanted Hair’s Care:

After the hair transplant treatment, it is imperative to know what to do after the surgery to take good care of your treated area and health. Your hair specialist will prescribe you aftercare instructions right after your treatment. So, you need to follow them, and that is how you will not feel any pain, discomfort, or infection while in the healing process. The hair specialist will recommend few medicines as pain killer and antibiotics and suggest you eat healthy foods for good health.

Cost of the Hair Transplantation:

In these 6 Things to Know About Hair Transplant in Islamabad, the cost plays a significant role in any treatment decision. Most of the patients ask the frequent question about its cost and the cost factors that can affect the price of the treatment.

Hair transplanting treatment is an expensive option because it is a delicate surgery that cannot be performed at cheap rates, and your money for transplantation will be worth it. So, whenever you go for a consultation, you need to ask about the cost; after examining your condition, they will give you accurate details about it. Therefore, don’t ever choose hair transplant at low prices; you will get the worst results and experience.

Choosing Reputable Clinic Is Very Important:

Last but not least, you need to choose a well-known and reputable clinic for your treatment. It might be a tough decision for you to choose one clinic because there are many competitors in the market. You must know what to see while choosing the best clinic for hair transplant like, check their previous surgeries and what cost they are offering, and consult them to talk about your treatment. That is how you will know which is best and which is not.

Therefore, if you still want to ask about hair transplantation surgery, feel free to Cosmetic Surgery in Islamabad; we are here to guide you with helpful information and provide satisfying services.