Acne scars Laser Skin Treatment - Does it Work

When a person is going through the teenage years, life can be extremely confusing. There are many changes that are taking place both physically and mentally and the social pressures to start weighing in for the first time. To make the matter worse, acne breakouts affect a large number of teenagers. They seem to show up at the worst possible time and destroy your good looks whenever something important seems to be taking place.

Generally, acne can be managed without much treatment and it goes away with adolescence. However, some people can suffer from extreme cases of acne at a very young age and acne can continue to affect a person well beyond the teens. In such a case, treatment is imperative. 

There are numerous acne treatments that can be brought to use including laser acne treatment. It is a highly effective method that is used around the globe. In Islamabad, SKN is offering a few treatment options to get rid of acne scars.

In the following lines, we shall learn about acne, acne scar treatments  in Islamabad and the effects of acne in the longer run,   

Types of acne

Acne has more than a single type and its effects vary with the given type. Most people are affected by mild acne where some pimples are formed mostly on the face. Treating this kind if it persists is important since the spread of acne can be easily controlled at this time. Maintaining good hygiene is very important to control it as well.

Moderate to severe acne is typically characterized by severe redness of the skin, inflammation and large-sized pimples. This type of acne can damage the skin and can leave scars. It is critical that the treatment is started right away and no delay takes place to control it at the earliest possible time.

Laser acne treatment

Laser treatment in recent years has been extremely effective in correcting many skin-related conditions and it is the same with acne trouble. The laser works by unclogging the pores that are clogged by dead skin and skin secretion and helps in skin regeneration as well. A marked difference can be seen after a treatment session has been done. A few sessions are needed to ensure that the desired results are obtained.

Laser acne scars treatment

While the laser is great for taking care of live acne, it is equally good for getting rid of scars left by acne. This is done by skin resurfacing technique. The laser makes tiny holes in the top layer of the skin which is the most damaged layer. As the skin crusts away in the next few days, healthier skin replaces it. Collagen levels in the skin are also boosted as a result and skin get a lot firmer. Like all laser treatments, a few sessions are needed for achieving the final results.