Advanced Hair Restoration Studio in Islamabad

Advanced Hair Restoration Studio in Islamabad Pakistan by SKN Cosmetics its Pakistan’s best hair treatment surgical clinic which is located in the capital of Pakistan, the Islamabad. They have a team of best and expert hair specialists in Islamabad. The experts and skillfully trained staff who bring over years of experience in the field of hair restoration. Our team has performed hundreds of successful hair transplant in Islamabad which makes advanced hair restoration studio the best clinic.

The successful treatments of transplantation are based on some factors and few of them are the special techniques they use, the expert specialist, the angles of measuring the targeted area, the analysis, etc. Our staff of experts is uniquely qualified on all the above factors to give the best outcomes.

Our two famous techniques of hair restoration are FUE and FUT methods which are performed to regrow permanent hair. SKN cosmetic clinic Islamabad manages and restore all follicular units of FUE that consist of one or three hair grafts. Some of the hair group’s graft is one to four hair follicles and full concentrate of placing into the slit. The best hair transplant Doctors at Islamabad center split all grafts and help to preserve the follicular unit. FUE is an advance method of hair restoration at Islamabad SKN cosmetic clinic.

Our Results:

Our clinic changed the lives of many people by providing them with the ideal hair treatment solutions. We deal with all types of the patient whether Old or Young at our hair replacement studio. With us, you will experiences the best services with fully guaranteed outcomes and it will be your memorable journey with us.

Cost Factors:

The hair transplant cost at SKN Advanced Hair Restoration Studio in Islamabad, Pakistan depends on various factors. This includes the experience and qualification of the surgeon, the techniques and expertise of hair restoration and the number of hair follicles required is some of the major factors that play a notable role of deciding the cost.

Hair transplant cost in Islamabad is highly cost-effective and when compared to other countries that’s why many prefer visiting Islamabad for their hair restoration treatment.

However, hair treatment cost in Islamabad depends from person to person. Sometimes according to one’s requirement, the technique used for hair replacement and restoration solution and methods which are suitable for a patient.

The cost is calculated depending upon how much hair someone needs to be restored and how much area needs to be recovered to attain the most appropriate result matching the individual’s age requirements. Every person has a unique pattern of growth and density, therefore person-to-person cost may affect.

Some other factors are:

  • The level baldness of candidate.
  • The follicles requirements.
  • The expertise of the hair loss experts.
  • The type and texture of the client’s hair.
  • The desired hairline and density.

At SKN cosmetic, we offer our patients the treatment which suits them well for hair transplants in Islamabad. We have solutions and procedures as our client’s unique needs. We give a complete and natural look in colour and texture style as they desire for actual growing hair.

SKN Clinic The Best Destination for Hair Transplant:

Advanced hair transplant studio in Islamabad by SKN Cosmetics is the place of your dreams. When you consult us your problem will be our mission to solve it. Our major aim is to give the best results and desire look to our clients that’s how they will remember us.

  • We are here to solve all the hair-related queries of clients for both genders.
  • We ensure a high success rate with our highly experienced and skillful experts in the industry for hair transplants in Islamabad.
  • We offer the most original and progressive surgical, non-surgical and clinical procedures to our clients with impressive outcomes.
  • Our distinctive non-surgical, surgical and clinical procedures give 100% surety to change your problem into happiness and will give you back your lost self-confidence.
  • Most trusted hair services provided at amazing prices.
  • We maintain our client’s privacy.
  • The testimonies are proof of our satisfied customers.
  • We also suggest instructions and controlling future hair loss.