All You Need To Know About the Hereditary Hair Loss

Due to common hair loss in men and women, this situation is getting ordinary that people are making traditional stories about hair fall. Some of them are false and only a few of them are true. This blog covers All You Need To Know About Hereditary Hair Loss and you should know what to do when you start losing hair.

Generally, Hair fall is a natural condition and it is not a disease that may be experienced by anyone. Many myths are proven to be false by medical studies and some facts are real.

Myths and Facts:

It only experienced by men. This myth is false, due to many health issues and environmental pollution both genders are experiencing hair fall at any age. Yes, mostly hair loss condition is experienced by men but not only them. There are some myths and facts about hair loss that are important to know, are as following:

It is Caused By Stress & Poor Health:

Major health changes, pregnancy, severe illness or extreme psychological stress can because a hair loss condition. It is just not a classic male or female pattern baldness. When you are stressing something and having anxiety so it may lead you to hair loss.

There Are Several Causes Of It:

This myth is not true because hair loss in men is just caused by male pattern baldness and this type of baldness is common in men after 20s to 30s. 80% of men are experiencing baldness just because dihydrotestosterone and a hormone derived from testosterone plays role in this disturb growth cycle.

It Is a Genetic Condition:

This fact is true due to hereditary in male pattern baldness and it can be genetic from both sides’ parents. The most experienced specialist says that male pattern baldness may include several genes. So, you should know if one of your parent’s history.

Older Men Can Be Affected:

It is wrong, today’s world is full of such people who are experiencing different problems of hair loss. Every age of the person is facing hair issue and I can’t say that only older men get affected.

Hair Can Be Lost Aimlessly:

No, it’s not true at all, hair fall issues only follow a pattern, if someone is not taking good care then it will happen. If you have severe illness then it might be experienced. There will be no reason for hair loss can happen randomly.

Hair Loss Treatments Don’t Work:

This fact is wrong and false. In the world of medical sciences, hair treatments are getting common and getting effective which gives a lot of benefits and long-lasting results. When you undergo any hair transplant treatment it will be painless, non-surgical and effective. Hair procedure like FUE, FUT and PRP injections are used to perform hair restoration.

Hair Products and Styling:

It is 50% true and 50% false because it totally depending on the product and how often you used it. Some products are cheap and when people used them they got hair fall problem and many effective and proved products which are effective for hair. For women, when they used hair dye with bleaching it will cause a hair fall. Otherwise, many hair colours are good for hair health.

BlowDrying and Other Styling Cause Hair Loss:

It is a false myth, blow-drying is mostly used in daily routine and in hair styling which can damage the hair with heat or burn your hair. It is said to be wrong that it will lead to baldness and blow dry won’t cause hair loss.

However, hereditary hair fall is not any kind of disease, yes it can be prevented. There are a lot of successful hair treatments which are offering by SKN cosmetics to perform for solving the issue of hair loss. For those who want to improve and enhances their looks, we are offering non-invasive treatments of hair transplant called FUT and FUE. Such a procedure can restore the lost hair and after that, hereditary will be a condition that is not to be feared anymore.


 Further, if you are worried about your hair loss or you Want to Know All About Hereditary Hair Loss, consult SKN cosmetics. We are here to share helpful information related to your health.