At What Age Can You Remove Birthmarks In Islamabad

Birthmarks tend to fade away with time and don’t really require any medical attention. But on the other hand, some of these marks can cause skin diseases, and the most common is skin cancer in later times. There is no direct link between these marks and skin diseases, but there are still some cases where they can lead to it.

A lot of individuals prefer to get these naturally occurring marks on their skin removed as they make them less confident, or they personally don’t like them. Although they don’t cause any severe harm, and most people get them removed only for aesthetic reasons, sometimes they need to be medically monitored with time. But At what age can you remove birthmarks in Islamabad? There is no particular age, and it depends on the treatment option you opt for.

What Exactly Are They?

Before getting into further details, you should first know what these marks are. A majority of individuals are born with these marks on their skin, while some develop them shortly after birth. There are numerous birthmarks, such as scars, patches, marks, or lumps. They usually appear when there is an unbalancing of pigmentation in particular areas of the skin.


  • Each individual has their own respective mark; no two people have the same birthmark. However, they are still categorized into three different types.
  • Several highly Pigmented marks on the body are formed due to the presence of melanin in high quantities. This results in dark brown, black, or brown colored blemishes.
  • Some of these blemishes are made up of blood vessels and are commonly referred to as vascular birthmarks. They are typically in red, blue, or purple undertones.
  • Some of these birthmarks are made up of adenoid tissues, chest tissues, and epidermal tissue. This gives the blemish a yellow to rash type red color to it.


A majority of these marks are formed due to improper cell separation or transformation during the time of pregnancy. When these cells begin to mature, they start forming tissue with exact cell characteristics that are not supposed to be present there.

Can They Cause Health Problems?

Aside from their pigmentation,  Vascular birthmarks might cause considerable problems. The diagnosis of these marks can be challenging and would require modern imaging tools and a clinical assessment of samples. Discolored patches due to melanin don’t cause any harm to the body. Hemangiomas are vascular marks that are flat at birth but increase rapidly during the starting months of a newborn. In many cases, they fade away, leaving a mere scar. If this type of mark is discovered near an essential functioning feature, such as the eye, mouth, or neck, then they require treatment.

At What Age Can You Remove Birthmarks in Islamabad?

The preschool age is the best period to get them removed as at this stage, the marks are usually small in size and can be removed easily. The oral medication works best before the patient turns two years old. This is due to the fact that the child is still growing and developing.

During their early years, kids are not prone to the outside world as compared to adults. So preschool age is the perfect time as kids are growing and won’t have to go through social discrimination etc.

As for other treatment options, unless the marks are causing severe damage to the patient, it’s best to get them treated when they are in their teenage years. At this stage, the patient will be able to withstand the effects of the surgery with ease.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

There are different types of treatments available in the market, depending on the type of mark. Many of them fade away on their own but before jumping into the Birthmark removal treatment, always consider a consultation session with your doctors.

There are higher chances that marks can be treated with medicines because some spots are not aggressive, but they can become cancerous after you have disturbed them. Based on the patient’s age group, you can get the following treatments.

Oral or Topic Medication:

For infants, doctors usually prescribe medicines that can be taken orally. Such drugs help limit the growth of hemangiomas by shrinking the existing blood vessels or inhibiting the formation of new ones.


This sort of therapy is typically used for marks that are close to the skin’s surface. This is one of the more effective treatments with instant results.


If no other treatments are ineffective for you and the mark is displaying signs of medical issues, then doctors might recommend surgery. This option is usually suggested depending upon the type of mark, its location on the human body, and signs of intense pain.

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