Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad

As everyone is getting familiar with the treatment of hair transplanting and undergoing the treatment, still many of them are not aware of the advantages which FUE is providing. This blog post is providing helpful information about the Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad. You will completely understand the advantages

 Advantages of Selecting FUE:

When a person thinks about having a hair transplant in Islamabad, they have options between FUT and FUE technique. No doubt, both are used for restoring the growth of hair but there are few factors which make FUE more recommended for most of the candidate who is experiencing baldness and thin hair. There are a lot of benefits to the transplanting method of FUE. A few of the advantages of this method are mentioned below with their details.

 Advanced Technology:

Generally, a hair transplant is an advanced treatment for implanting hair to make a natural look. In this treatment, there is an advanced method of hair transplanting known as FUE. It is a very advanced technology that is performed much faster and provides high success rate outcomes. Using the advanced technologies of the FUE method allows the least invasive and beneficent for a candidate. It is a huge benefit for those who need to undergo it through effective techniques and ways.

Less Scarring:

In FUT, it performed as removing a strip from the backside of the head that carries hair follicles, it will leave a fine prominent line scar.

In the FUE technique, your practitioner extracts the donor site’s hair individually which shows tiny dots scars. In most cases, they can be seen even with a very short haircut. However, the extraction of hairs is performed accordingly and the scars from FUE will be minimal. So, it is big benefits in this method where you can’t have any kind of scar on your scalp.

Quick and Easy Healing Process:

In this technique, the recovery time in FUE is shorter as compared to FUT Transplant. There is no need for any sutures for closing the incisions at the donor site and a candidate can continue the daily routine activities with few days.

This method is also less uncomfortable during the healing process, even though you will enjoy your recovery period. Your practitioner will prescribe you important instructions after the treatment to follow for obtaining desired outcomes. The short healing process will make FUE more desirable if a person has a busy routine. So, it is the third main benefit of this advanced technique.

Natural Appearance:

The most important benefit which presents your personality is, to obtain a natural look after this treatment. No doubt, it will takes a little time to see complete outcomes after undergoing any type of hair transplant. Once a hair starts to growing back, the new hairs will fill the empty areas, and totally they will look natural. No one can judge about those are real or fake. So it is particularly important if a person is searching for a natural appearance.

Long Term Outcomes:

According to FUE, a candidate will obtain desired and effective outcomes if the transplanting process is handled by a skillful practitioner and the candidate take good care of hair and scalp after the treatment. If the other areas of hair start to get thin then FUE can be repeated for filling such areas, as well. It is necessary to choose an expert and experienced practitioner for gaining successful results. To obtaining the Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad, our surgeons are experts and qualified in this field and almost many surgeries performed successfully.


Last but not the least, another effective advantage of FUE is that it offers huge cost flexibility and anyone candidate can afford it. The cost of the treatment depends on the extraction of hair follicles in a single session and how many grafts a candidate needed to obtain the desired goal.

Therefore, at SKN cosmetics you will get the most advanced and latest hair restoring techniques and we will help you to design the hair loss treatment plan for the need of candidates to give the best and miraculous outcomes.