Best Clinic for Bariatric Surgery in Islamabad Pakistan

Many people out there are experiencing unwanted fats on their body and doing exercise and dieting is not enough for losing weight. Certainly, there is a surgical treatment known as bariatric surgery. It is a procedure of restricting the amount of food to the stomach that can hold. Bariatric also a cause of hormonal changes. The surgery is performed by these common methods e.g. gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and adjustable gastric band. The concept is to make changes to your digestive system for losing weight. For undergoing this treatment, you always seek the Best Clinic for Bariatric Surgery in Islamabad Pakistan. Read this blog post to know more about the best and ranking clinic and their services for bariatric surgery. 

About SKN Cosmetic Clinic:

The SKN cosmetic in Islamabad is the name of success and excellence that is known as a well-known centre located in the capital of Pakistan. It is the greatest clinic for Bariatric surgery which can deal with this treatment very skillfully and successfully. Our clinic strictly follows a neat and clean atmosphere and hygienic environment. Our skilful staff deal with the clients very well and discusses all the weight loss issues and conditions. 

For performing bariatric surgery at SKN cosmetics, we performed a variety of procedure for fat reduction and under this surgery, we offer common three methods: 

  • Gastric bypass method. 
  • Adjustable gastric banding method. 
  • Sleeve gastrectomy method. 

Each treatment has its enormous benefits, procedural steps and results. We performed these surgeries according to candidate need and after reviewing their health condition. This treatment is ideal for those who have BMI equal to 35 or greater, they should be 18 above and want to be in an accurate shape. 

Our Expert Clinical Surgeons:

For bariatric surgery, we have a team of expert surgeons who handle such complicated treatments very well. Returning a healthy life of the patient is our surgeon’s top priority. SKN cosmetics have qualified surgeons who can easily perform bariatric surgeries skilfully and full in concentration. 

Our surgeons always schedule an initial session with a patient before the treatment where surgeons examine the candidate’s health and medical condition. After that, they recommend a suitable method to the candidate according to his/her health-wise and medical conditions. After the procedure, your surgeon will prescribe you several instructions related to your treatment, your health and your post-care routine. 

The Outcomes Our Clinic Provide:

According to SKN cosmetics, our clinic provides unbelievable and effective results in Bariatric Surgeries. The outcomes also depend on what type of procedure is performed on the patient and the outcomes differ from person to person. In this surgery, an undergoing candidate will obtain dramatic results but he/she should have to wait for complete outcomes. The 50% results will be observed within 5 to 6 months and the remaining will be shown after 10 to 12 months. We require before and after photographs of the candidate for showing the chances that they will obtain. The top preference of  Best Clinic for Bariatric Surgery in Islamabad Pakistan is always to require complete and perfect results. 

Benefits of Choosing Us:

There are a lot of advantages of choosing SKN cosmetic clinic for bariatric surgery. In this treatment, our clinic provides various benefits and these are mentioned below: 

  • It will help a candidate for losing weight on a long term basis. 
  • Cure all type of issue which are related to obesity. 
  • This treatment will improve cardiovascular health. 
  • It will eliminate obstructive sleep apnea. 
  • Reduces the risks of cancer. 

Undergoing this surgery will help you as well in treating diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and depression etc. 

Our Treatment Performance:

SKN cosmetics will schedule an initial session with the patients to instruct them on precautions related to the procedure. Before the treatment, your dermatologist will examine your medical report and health condition and then recommend you a suitable solution for the problem. Also, the surgeon will prescribe you few instructions before the process like: 

  • The lab tests reports are required before treatment. 
  • Do not eat any meal or drink before the treatment. 
  • Avoid the medicines which are taking for other purposes. 
  • Do not use tobacco or drink alcohol. 
  • Do start the physical activities routinely. 

After that, the procedure will be performed in the clinic and bariatric surgery is always performed under general anaesthesia where you will be unconscious during the process. The procedure is performed very carefully and full of concentration with the expert team as well. 

About Aftercare Plan:

After your surgery, our clinic provides you with few instructions related to your health and treatment care. These aftercare tips play a very important role in obtaining desired results. There are few common instructions which usually recommend following like, a patient won’t be allowed to eat any meal for 1 to 2 days for the healing process of the stomach, follow a prescribed diet plan and only liquid diet can be used. You have to limit your eating and drinking routine. A patient will require medical checkups to monitor the health condition for few months after the surgery. Also, it may require for few lab test and blood test. 

Our Cost Rates:

The SKN cosmetic offers reasonable cost rates in bariatric surgery. Different methods have different cost and the total price of the treatment will always be discussed in the initial session before the treatment. Many factors can affect the cost of the treatment like expert surgeon fee, location and reputation of the clinic, session requirement, medication and anaesthesia requirements etc.